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How and where to locate LCD inverters

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hello 1

    I have 6 dead LCDs on my hand, all due to backlighting problems.

    They are of different brands, from samsung to toshiba to whathaveyous.

    They ranges from size 15 to 21 in.

    Need to know where to get the inverters from them ? Is there a "one
    size fits all" type of LCD inverter that I can use of all 6 of my dead
    LCDs ?

    Please help !

    Thanks !
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    The one size fits all approach will get the displays working, but you'll
    probably lose things like brightness control. If you can find one that
    has an enable pin then at least the backlight should be able to shut off
    when the display goes into power saving mode. Just google for CCFL
    inverters or try ebay.
  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Try here

    Separate section on backlight inverters

  4. No, you need an exact replacement inverter, specific not so much to the
    LCD panel as to the monitor or laptop into which the panel is being
    installed. The only connection between the inverter and the panel is
    two wires to each lamp (most smaller LCD panels have one lamp, most
    larger ones have two lamps). The more involved connections are to the
    controller for controlling lamp on and off and brightness.

    Either get the inverter as a spare part from the device mfgr. (again,
    the maker of the device that this goes into, not the maker of the LCD
    panel that it's used with), or buy one used off E-Bay or from some other
    source. Match up the part numbers, and/or be sure that the replacement
    is physically identical.
  5. Agreed. I've rarely worked on those but they are made on custom boards to
    fit VERY exacting and confined spaces. Trying to bypass going direct to the
    maker's supplies will cost more (in time, effort, plus cash) than paying
    what they ask. So much so that this might be why they charge so much. They
    know damn well they can get that money. And they might not cost that much
    anyway, they can't fleece a repair person quite as closely and ruthlessly
    as they can fleece a member of the public who doesn't know that a £90 PSU
    is really worth £30 or less.

    Look at the firm's product line though. To save money they might use the
    same custom board in many machines. You might find a low-end version cheap,
    and save money if you don't want a regular supply of bits. Still worth just
    paying up front though, unless you've got the time and attention of a
    repairer of laptops and such.
  6. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    So as I said above, go to the link I posted, and take a look. They have a
    very comprehensive inventory of both ccfl tubes and inverters at reasonable
    prices, and the exact ones required, may well be available from stock,
    without having to try to pry replacements out of the original equipment
    manufacturers, whilst not holding a spares account with them ... Even if you
    can't see the exact one that you want, a company such as this which
    specialises in these spares, could probably cross-reference for you, and
    locate a suitable replacement, which may indeed be used in someone else's


  7. True. CPC are good with that way of working. I guess once any part is often
    enough wanting a replacement, there's a market, and the companies might
    prefer to sell stocks to other firms to do this, if it saves the original
    firm the hassle. I don't actually know how these patterns of trade work,
    but it's useful that they do.
  8. conundrum

    conundrum Guest

    hey.. are you sure they are blown? i've had success replacing the
    microfuses on a few of these, looks like they just die due to age.

    the components look like inline SMD inductors but are usually labelled
    Fxx or Uxx on the board.
    other failure modes are:- dry joints on secondary side, blown
    secondary (replace transformer with generic replacement calibrated
    using Peak LCR), cracked or burnt piezo transformer (replace), blown
    transistors (replace)

    i may be able to fix these, if you like you can email me (use subject
    line "Inverters on monitors")

    hope this helps. -A
  9. Guest

    The problem here is that there are six dead LCDs on my hand, and they
    are all from different manufacturers. If all of them are of the same
    make and same model, then it's okay, I can place an order for six
    pieces of the exact part. In my case, I may have to place six
    different orders for ONE piece each. Troublesome aside, the cost does
    add up !
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