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house wiring wrong colour codes nearly got me

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by matt2-amstereo, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Yeah, don't trust the riff-raff. Trust RAAF though. :)


  2. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    No, in VB terms you learnt:

    If Could_Job_Kill_Me = TRUE then
    Check_Carefully = TRUE
    If Existing_Wiring_Looks_Oddball = TRUE then
    MsgBox "WFT!"
    ApproachCarefully ()
    End If
    Approach_Carefully_Anyway ()
    End If


  3. or RAFF royal air force fluckers? nah they're ok, just there sparky work
    that needs improvment
  4. Guest


    You can use any colour you like for active as long as its not Black,
    Green, Yellow or Yellow/Green - Preferred is Red however. Three phase
    is usually Red, White, Blue, but doesn't have to be. Thats what the
    Current version of AS 3000 says.

    Within switchboards you can use more or less any colour for anything
    you like so long as its labelled, except earth is green/yellow.

    Im told by some old sparkies that twin red and black TPS was often used
    for switching with black as the switched active - apparently was
    allowed once upon a time and was a convention but not any more.

    And yes an earth must be carried and connected at each light fitting,
    regardless of what its made of. Good idea to test this however as even
    in new installations they seem to neglect to actually connect it which
    means its not connected back to the switchboard.

    In large cable sizes often all the wires are black and only identified
    at the ends either with numbers or heat shrink colours.

    Mains wiring is pretty simple in houses, but theres no room for
    mistakes - test everything and trust no one. Don't guess on anything,
    if you dont know ask someone who knows. Just because the rules say its
    meant to be done in such a way, doesn't mean it was actually done that
    way. Just think they could have been doing the wiring to whatever your
    working on at 4:55 Friday afternoon.........

  5. yeah, thats what i think has happened,, heard it on a movie but
    'assumption is the mother of all [email protected]%ups' is true in so many ways
    (undersiege 2 is the movie)

    ta peoples, u's r all right.
  6. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Guess next time you'll use a multimeter so you dont kill yourself or
    whoever buys your house... Have never trusted black house wiring,
    and since school days have *always* checked if any bad connections
    on all 240v house wiring - i.e. I Never assume green wiring is
    ground and black is neutral I *always* check it and have done for
    20+ years, less than 1% it has been floating or wrong, that 1% can
    kill. Had someone die in WA about 2 months for same reason...

    The electronic starters I use start a tube in less than 0.5 secs,
    and they can be made with a triac and a few passive parts, really
    effective. If yours takes 2 secs think your tube is on way out...
  7. Are you in IPSWICH ?
  8. Stick to speaker wiring .

    That is utter rubbish . ALL states use the AS3000 for wiring standards .

    As far as AC goes both the active and neutral are the same and should be
    treated as such . If a neutral conductor is not connected properly and its
    under load * essentially * its alive . Always treat every wire as
    potentially alive .
  9. **Yep, they sure do. Electrician training standards are (or were) lower in
    QLD. I'll bet Matt lives in QLD.
    **Which is why Matt is such an idiot. EVERY person involved with electrical
    appliances knows this fact all too well.
  10. Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin Guest

    That's nothing, a friend of mine the company he worked for had an
    apprentice start. About 6 months later he was going home in the truck &
    just happened to mention that the drum of red cable was a nice shade of
    green (or is it the other way round?). The others laughed, then stopped
    when they realised he was quite serious.
    He was in fact *colour blind* , that was the end of his career as an
    electrician, of course. They had to go back on every job that he had
    attended to check every connection.

    In future everyone had to do a colour blindness test.

    A true story.

    Kevin Martin
  11. Dave

    Dave Guest

    If you look at the standard it'll say red and white for loops to switches.
    Here is an extract from AS/NZS3018:2001 - this is the standard for domestic
    The colours of cores of cables used for final subcircuits shall be as
    (a) Active conductors ............................... red, white or blue.
    (b) Neutral conductors ............................. black.
    (c) Earthing conductors............................ green and yellow
    Coloured identification at each termination may be used in accordance with
    Clause 3.4.1. Green/yellow, green or yellow colour insulated conductors
    shall not be
    sleeved to indicate live conductors.

    This is from AS/NZS3000:

    3.8.1 General
    In general, insulated conductors shall be identified by the colours given in
    Table 3.5 to indicate their intended function (such as active, neutral and
    earth/equipotential bonding conductor).
    Where a combination such as green/yellow is used, one colour shall cover
    not less than 30% and not more than 70% of the surface, with the other
    colour covering the remainder of the surface.

    Identifying colours....Function............Recommended Alternative

    Earth/bonding..........Green/yellow......Green (see Note)
    Neutral.................... Black................Light blue
    Active......................Red...................Any colour except
    green/yellow,, yellow,
    black, light blue

    NOTE: Where a required earthing conductor is not normally manufactured, a
    insulated conductor may be used but shall be identified along its entire
    length by a
    green coloured sleeving.

    In my experience I have found a lot of electricians do wire fan and/or light
    with plain "twin+earth" and use the black to carry the switched active back
    to the
    fitting and the green/yellow (earth) is not connected. This is now illegal
    and possibly
    dangerous (to work on) and unfortunately still quite commonly occuring.

    Sometimes there is a piece of red, white or blue coloured tape wrapped
    around the
    black wire near the terminations - once upon a time this might have been
    but the standards are now pretty clear on insulation colours.
  12. certainly am
  13. It wouldnt be an old Queenslander ?

    My guess is that its a house in Leichardt or One mile .
  14. not quite a qld'r, close but. yeah leichhardt area. theres alot of these
    houses around here.
  15. Pete

    Pete Guest

    That's the current convention, and it has been for quite some time.
    However, I don't believe it was the convention 20 years ago.

  16. ,

    , Guest

    I note no-one so far has said words to the effect: don't meddle with wiring
    unless you are a licenced electrician, not only for your sake but for future
    residents. But, one wonders, would a licenced electrcian necessarily have
    found this one?
  17. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    People did say that, just not as politely. And yes, a competent sparky
    checks for jolts first, even after pulling the fuse.

  18. **Did you miss this post from me?
    **You're an idiot and you live in QLD, right?

    There's a reason why those people who don't know what they're doing use
    properly qualified people. Then there's the dead ones. They're the idiots.
    Sadly, in QLD, the standards for electricians is (or was) so low, that many
    problems occurred.
  19. so that you know, (incase you had a problem with picking up on it) I
    mentioned what happened as a way of letting people know that problems do
    exist and that they shouldnt take things at face value....

    But i guess you missed that bit.
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