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House wiring size

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Gordon, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. Gordon

    Gordon Guest


    I recently had my solar hot water system replaced. The old one had a 1.8kw
    heater and the new one has a 2.4kw. The installers used the old heater
    wiring. Since then the 10amp switch for the heater failed. It obviously got
    hot and fell apart. My concern is that the wiring may also be under rated.
    I'm in Australia so it has to carry 10A at 240V. My thought is that 10A
    wiring would have been good for the old heater and probably that's what was
    installed. Comments please.

    Secondly, how would I approach a contractor for an opinion without giving
    them an open invitation to replace the lot ?

    my address needs gj in front
  2. Jb

    Jb Guest

    Presuming the installer knew what he was doing I'd say you had nothing more
    serious than loose connection in the switch, try a new one but check it for
    temperature when the heater is running
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