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House 110V smoke

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rich, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Can I add a relay to the yellow wire of my house hold 110 V old smoke
    I want to run a horn outside.

    FIRETEK Guest

    That depends on your smoke. The relay must be compatible with it. Some
    manufacturers provide the relay as an option, others actually incorporate it
    in a relay based detector that will interconnect with your existing smokes.
    What's the make and model number of the smokes in your home?
  3. jewellfish

    jewellfish Guest

    That yellow wire is almsot certainly the "interconnect" wire. I
    suppose you could rig something up to ring a bell outside.

    Remember you're dealing with 120vac. If you need to ask how to rig
    something up, you probably don't have the expereince to safely work on

    Call an electrican.


  4. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Call him.
  5. J Barnes

    J Barnes Guest

    No its not 110, if you connect anything to this wire it must be extremely
    low current. If you do this wrong it will disable the sound in all your
    smoke detectors "except the one where the fire is".


    FIRETEK Guest

    You must use the manufacturer's approved relay for any interconnection to
    your household smoke alarms. This relay is most likely also UL Listed for
    the purpose of providing an output from those specific interconnected smoke
    alarms. Otherwise you'll have to try and source a relay based detector
    that's compatible with your existing smoke alarms. DO NOT "Mickey Mouse" or
    "jury rig" something you think "might work".
  7. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    LOL, lots of electricians would have issues with this. No, not be
    offended, but just not understand how to do it.

    Call a service electrician.
  8. bb

    bb Guest

    simple to do right,

    just add another 110v smoke detector where it can be heard outside.

  9. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    Yah...just hang it out the nearest window on a piece of Romex.

    | Rich wrote:
    | > Can I add a relay to the yellow wire of my house hold 110 V old smoke
    | > detector?
    | > I want to run a horn outside.
    | >
    | >
    | >
    | simple to do right,
    | just add another 110v smoke detector where it can be heard outside.
    | bb
  10. Guest

    The yellow or "tandem" wire is used to place other detectors in the
    house (same model number) in alarm and can not be used to drive a
    relay. Most tandem outputs are from 3-6 vdc and not 120vac...
    remember, this must also function while running off the 9 volt

    If the detectors have auxilliary alarm contacts or a auxilliary relay
    option, use them instead. However, ALL detector contacts or relays in
    the house must be used in parellel because they do not transfer when
    receiving an alarm via the tandem connection.

    Rick P.

    FIRETEK Guest

    That's not universally true. I know of at least one smoke alarm family
    where the "tandem wire" _isn't_ "low voltage". I imagine that because the
    don't have battery backup, they can't be used in many jurisdictions in the
    US, though.
    Boy are you ever wrong. The "tandem connection" is used by the listed relay
    as well.

    FIRETEK Guest

    Don't forget to wrap it in plastic first. Seal the end with a "dab of RTV".
  13. Guest

    Well, since the gentleman asking the original question says his
    detector has battery backup, the tandum output must be low voltage to
    meet the interconnectivity requirement.
    Okay, you've peaked my interest - I've never seen this device before.

    BUT, this Firex detector and the #499 accessory relay you refer to
    are both 120vac devices and have no battery backup capability, which
    as you stated, can't be used in many jurisdictions today.

    I'm seeing some info on the web about a Firex #498 relay which appears
    to have the capability of being wired off a DC operated detector
    tandem connection. It's not on their website however and may have
    been discontinued.

    Thanks for the update...

    Rick P.
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