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Hot Tub Trips Breaker

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Natalie Bounds, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. 1. When I started the heater and low power jets and filter it draws about
    24.5-25 amps off
    of a 30 amp 240 breaker set up. After about 3 to 5 minutes breaker trips one
    side of 30 amp breaker.

    2 As yesterday I went to add extra tablets to the floater in the water got a
    shock from surface water
    so what I did was go inside and flip on one side the 30 amp breaker at a

    3, What I got was the side of the breaker that kept tripping when switched
    on had no voltage across
    surface water. Then I turned that breaker off and turned on the other
    breaker that does not trip and
    a surface voltage of about 20 volts is what I got when tested to Ground.

    The question is this breaker defective and need replacing/ I tend to think
    P.S. I have used this hot tub several times with no surface voltage.
  2. John Nice

    John Nice Guest

    Electricity + water = Time to call a professional

  3. Guest

    I have seen that caused by a failed heater element. Your breaker is
    probably tripping on the ground fault not overcurrent. The bad element
    looked bad once I got it out. The tube was corroded and water was
    getting to the nichrome wire inside. These are basically like a water
    heater element and usually just screw into the heater vessel. I am not
    sure if there is a real difference so you should get the one specified
    by the heater manufacturer if you replace it.
  4. Mike Lamond

    Mike Lamond Guest

    The circuit breaker must be replaced anyway, since it violates code
    by not having both poles ganged together. It sounds more like two
    single pole CB's, one of which may be a GFCI type, instead of a
    two-pole GFCI device.

  5. Breaker trips on my Hot Tub... ego, MUST BE A FAULTY BREAKER!!!!!

    Small wager:
    This guy will end up nominated for a Darwin Award next year!
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