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Hot tub overheating

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Jimmie, Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. Jimmie

    Jimmie Guest

    Have a hot tub that overheats to the point of blistering the insulating
    cover. Temp sensors have been replaced, Electronics package has been
    replaced ,accuracy of thermometer/thermostat verified. Disconnected heating
    element and it still overheats. Cools down when it is completely shut
    off(big disconnect on the wall) so source of heat is internal to the hot
    tub. Doesnt make sense to me that the water is being heated through pumping
    but I guess this is the only thing left. Any ideas would be greatly
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are spas style tubs that are kept warm solely by the heat gained
    from the pumping system. Sounds like a problem with the pump.
  3. Tim Perry

    Tim Perry Guest

    got any referances/links to such a system?

    used a clamp on ammeter to measure the current that the motor uses. measure
    right at the motor. then measure the total amount of current supplied to
    the hot tub at the breaker panel. if the current is much higher at the
    panel there is a second heater hidden away somewhere that you haven't
    located yet.

    (test should be performed by qualified personnel)
  4. Jimmie

    Jimmie Guest

    Motor current is fine, no hidden heaters, no water flow restrictions. trying
    to contact the manufacturer.
  5. Jim Douglas

    Jim Douglas Guest

    Are you sure Michael Meyers is not somehow involved in this problem. Sorry,
    just saw the original Halloween!
  6. Bob

    Bob Guest

    If it is a Jacuzzi pump, they use a water jacket around the motor to
    take advantage of the motor waste heat. Saves on the heating bill in
    the winter, but unfortunately they can overheat the water if covetred
    in a hot area during the summer. I am inCalifornia and it happens to
    me all summer. The solution is to leave it uncovered, but make a
    screen for the top so that it does not get crud in it.
  7. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Take a look for the rating of the pump/motor unit. That much power is being
    put into the water. If a 1 hp pump/motor is 85% efficient, that means 0.85
    hp is being delivered to the water in the form of pressure/flow. But in a
    system such as a hot tub, all the pressure/flow energy of the water is
    dissipated in the turbulance and is converted to heat.

    So that 0.85 hp is just a 634 watt 'heater'. Of course, if you have a
    larger pump/motor, it is really just a larger 'heater'. Usually this amount
    of energy can only warm the tub so much, then ambient heat losses take over.
    But if it's well insulated and covered....

  8. Jimmie

    Jimmie Guest

    Fixed my overheating problem even though I am still not absolutely sure of
    the cause. Turned on the air all the time. Bubbles seem to help cool it and
    the temp never rises more than 1 degree above the T'stat setting.
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