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Hot Price for Prototype PCB

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by tigeryesh, May 25, 2004.

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  1. tigeryesh

    tigeryesh Guest

    ONLY US65 include shipping (Lead time 5 days, FedEx need 2-3 business
    days from China to North America)
    Minimum hole size 20mil, minimum clearance 8mil.
    1or 2 layers ,FR4 material 0.062",1oz copper.
    Green solder mask, white silkscreen.
    Total area of all boards combined less than 155inch sq. Maximum size
    per board 10X14.5inch.
    For example, If the area of your boards is 10 inch sq, US65 Gold
    Phoenix will make 15pcs for you!.

    Our website is
  2. What difference does it make to you what's on the panel? If a 10 square
    inch board of which I want 15 pieces totals the same number of holes as
    5 board designs which I arrange on one panel that fits within your total
    size and square inches requirements so your manufacturing costs
    are identical, why make this restriction? The photoplotter doesn't take
    any longer or use more material. I'm not asking for electrical tests.

    I think I know the answer but I'd like to hear your response here in public.
    Plated through holes (vias)?

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  3. mike diack

    mike diack Guest

    I emailed him with precisely this question, and was told that if there
    was more than one design on the panel it would be an extra US$50, even
    though I do my own guillotining. No explanation was forthcoming as to
    why. Makes no sense to me either, But he *DOES* allow repeats of the
    same design on the panel (which many of the fixed price US proto
    houses do not). Think I'll stay with Aussie and Malaysia, where they
    don't give a rats' what you put on the board as long as it fits on the
    allowable size.
  4. budgie

    budgie Guest

    On Tue, 25 May 2004 04:13:40 GMT, (mike diack) wrote:

    A couple of quick questions, Mike:

    1. You happy with Custom/SilverCcts?
    2. Who in aus do you use for proto stuff of the scale under discussion?

  5. mike diack

    mike diack Guest

    Curate's egg - good in parts
    Good points :
    They are damn fast
    Their prices are hard to beat
    Gary responds quickly to emails
    They have a really snazzy payment system
    Fedex for 8 bucks has to be the bargain of the century
    Bad points:
    Recently ordered 64 boards and got 59, no explanation
    QC seems to be a bit variable - have had overetch AND underetch
    Solderability can be a bit tragic with Ag plating - My SMD assembler
    HATES it. Some of my boards use lots of shrink TSOP and worse and I
    find myself rejecting a few boards. Now if they got hot air
    Have used BEC, IMP and Entech
    IMP was superb, but it was a military project so cost was not an issue
    - with 99% of my regular stuff, it IS an issue so they get passed
    I have often used BEC and the boards have been good, but they hit me
    with $110 freight for a Kg or so of boards, and I haven't forgiven
    them for that (yet).
    I really liked Entech, especially their freight included pricing.

    Bottom line - if it's a quick'n'dirty and not too fussy : Custom no
    If it has to be good : Entech (or BEC)
    Don't touch boardhouses that don't do Protel.
  6. budgie

    budgie Guest

    Interesting comparison with my one and only job through them. Ordered 32 and
    received less. Gary's response was "small boards get sucked into the vacuum
    system". Also a couple had gaps in tracks, and about ten had copper on the
    topside (s/s boards mind you) in patterns that looked like rings of confidence
    around drying pools. These actually conducted enough to short between socket
    pins and had to be hand-removed.

    Silver plating has caused me headaches in hand assembled prototypes, and frankly
    at this point (while it may be "green") I don't consider it a positive.
    My experiences with BEC have been variable to good, but I always get a price
    confirmation before ordering. Have heard a couple of horror stories though.
    According to info just received, Futurlec have dropped their proto category and
    the quality has returned to "usable". On my last try with them (which will
    probably remain my LAST try of them) they were disorganised, lost boards and
    eventually declined to finish the job. They are also painfully slow.

    Jemal here in Perth now have a proto service that looks fairly affordable - not
    much different from CustomPCB if you want SM and OV, and PTH on d/s boards.
    Wouldn't dream of it.

    And on that score, a note to anyone using AutoTrax and contemplating CustomPCB.
    Their converter does weird things - by their own admission - and I suggest
    asking for a test printout for checking before prod commences.
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