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hot air station

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by kell, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. kell

    kell Guest

  2. Dave

    Dave Guest

    They are not including very much - you need a backside heater as well - hot
    air works much better with one !

    Note also that most of the nozzles are extra - price them up as well.

    I find the hot tweezers very useful - if you think you will need them, check
    the price ...

  3. Hi,

    I have seen a very similar system sold by various sellers on Ebay - as I
    remember it was cheaper perhaps $99 or something.

  4. kell

    kell Guest

    I'm just starting to look into this, and have no experience with hot
    air/smt (yet).
    I did go on ebay briefly. A lot of the hot air stations for sale there
    have to be shipped from the Far East, with shipping cost approaching
    the cost of the units.

    Here's another thing I'm looking at:

    I don't want to spend a lot, because I'm a hobbyist. For a heater I
    might set the board above a halogen lamp or hotplate, for example. I
    know some people do extremely fine pitch jobs with just a toaster oven.
    Check out the Seattle Robotics web site that shows how to do that.
  5. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Hey, who needs a dedicated hot air source when you've
    got this group?

    Bob M.
  6. It looks, essentially, like the same general design as the Hakko,
    Madell, and Lord only knows how many other units floating around. I
    suspect they all come out of the same Chinese factory, just with
    different names on them. The nozzles are certainly standardized.

    Suggest you look here first.

    Keep in mind that your choice of nozzle(s) will be determined
    solely by which components you plan to be working with, and that the
    nozzles can run anywhere from $30 to $80 each.

    Happy hunting.
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