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Hot air soldering

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by [email protected], Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Have a strange question here, Im looking to achieve the effect of a
    £300-£1300 device with a budget of only £120.

    Ok im seen that there are some gass powered soldering irons by weller
    that have a "hot air nozel" attachment. now I fond that they state a
    temperature from 250C to 450C is achievable as it has adjustment. Now
    I cant find any info on it being used for hot air soldering/
    desoldering just that it is suitable for small "heat sink

    weller site details:
    "Non igniting butane gas operated soldering iron 15 W - 60 W.
    Temperature is controlled by increasing and decreasing gas flow to the
    tip. Heating-up time about 30 sec.The soldering tip can be replaced
    with a hot blow nozzle which is sui- table for small heat shrink
    applications. Reservoir in the handle gives approx. one hours use."

    My question is do they mean hot air of hot air + combustion :) I dont
    want a blow torch.

    A hot air soldering station costs a hell of a lot of money and I only
    need it to solder some smt parts using solder past, none of the
    numerous attachments for desoldering etc required. I can check the
    temperature of the output with a probe, will this little iron do the
    job ?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Guest

    These units have a chamber filled with something resembling glass
    fibers; after initial heating, the butane fuel catalytically
    decomposes in the fiber bed, producing lots of heat without a true
    open flame. While they probably wouldn't be safe in an explosive
    atmosphere, they are definitely a different breed from an (open flame)
    torch. I have several that have worked fine for many years. However,
    I don't have the "hot blow nozzle". I have used the heat blowing out
    of the fiber chamber to shrink small tubes without charring.
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