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Hooking Up A RF Modulator

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Darren Thornton, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. I recently got a DVD player for my bedroom. But the TV in there is
    from 1989. It was made by Sharp. I bought a RCA compact RF Modulator
    awhile back. Unfortunately, the instructions are small too. I need
    some help big time.
    This is a large set. I have to move it carefully. I got some
    rabbit ears for it. There is also a signal splitter, so I can use the
    VCR. I have been unable to figure out how and where to hook up the RF
    Modulator. The back of the set has notations ACC and VHOLD. Is either
    one it? Please help me. Thank you.

    Darren Thornton
  2. Guest

    The DVD player should have 3 lines out.
    The colors should match up with the Modulator.
    You will need an RF switch easly found in most department stores.
    Run the VCR to one input of the switch and the Modulator to the other.
    Run a cable to the TV's antenna input (if cable ready else you will
    need an impediance adapter, once again easly found)
    Run your Rabbit antenna to the VCR's antenna input.
    One side of the switch will be your DVD the other will be the VCR and
    local chanels.
    Mr. Spain
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Depends if the modulator is stereo or mono. Rear of DVD the composite
    outputs will be red, white, and yellow. Yellow is Video, Red and White are
    Audio. Stereo modulator should have inputs the same colour for direct
    hookup. Mono modulator will have the Yellow for Video and probably a Red for
    Audio. There may be a channel select switch on the modulator of it may be
    fixed channel. There should be "F" type RF (antennea) connectors on the side
    of the modulator, One labeled Antenna, the other output or to TV. Connect
    your existing antenna to the antenna terminal of the modulator and the other
    connector to the line going directly to the tele. Some modulators have
    however only one RF connector, then you need a signal splitter/coupler to
    connect the RF signal to the tele. in such case connect the RF output of the
    modulator to one of the 3DB split connectors of the signal splitter/coupler,
    connect the antenna to the other 3DB split connection of the
    splitter/coupler, then connect the "Input" terminal of the splitter/coupler
    to the RF input of the tele. Tune in the active channel of the Rf modulator
    being used, switch on the DVD player, and you should have a viable video
    signal and audio. BTW you can check the operations of the RF modulator and
    DVD player by directly connecting the RF output of the modulator directly to
    the tele and tuning in the active channel.
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