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Hoods for LCD Displays

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Vic Fraenckel, May 15, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone ever constructed a viewing hood for using a LCD display (monitor)
    in daylight? I am thinking about a full hood that would be positioned over a
    screen and one would then peer into it. Sort of a truncated pyramid sort of
    thingy that could easily be removed and stowed. These sort of things used to
    be used on PPI radar scopes and on Oscilloscopes.

    If you have done this and would be willing to share your knowledge, I would
    like to hear from you. I have searched with google and could only find sites
    that sold some partial hoods that do not interest me.

    Any enlightenment will be appreciated.




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  2. I have not built one, but I have seen them available for the purpose you
    describe. One possibility online is Captain Jacks. They provide laptop
    mounts, accessories, etc, that are quite good for boats.
  3. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    Measure the circumference around case where you think a hood would
    mount. Then look for plastic milk jugs or juice jugs or chemical jugs
    with an eye for one that is close to the right size. Then cut the
    bottom out and the top off to make a hood. There is a lot of room for
    creativity here. If it is a slip fit try using it like that.
    Experiment with paint on the interior or exterior (flat black?) to
    improve light masking.

    If you have to make it fit better, cut down one side (the bottom?),
    punch some holes and lace it on. Or overlap the edges and hold it on
    with a small bungee cord or rubber bands.

    I used to work in rooms where the lighting was dimmed down in order to
    use one large, unhooded, not very bright display. And there were about
    10 other adjacent smaller displays of various types.

    Many of the other displays had to have the intensity either turned up,
    turned down, or lived with as they were if they did not have adjustable
    intensity. That gave rise to a non stop procession of ad hoc hoods to
    keep the too bright displays from bothering the dimmer displays and the
    eyes of the people operating the big display.

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