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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Myauk, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Myauk

    Myauk Guest

    Now I am preparing maunal for HTS system DVD Player and FM receiver.
    I understand that the surround sound systems depends mainly on the use
    of different speaker modules for different frequency ranges
    transmitting sound in different directions.
    And the delay time is set so as to have the best quality of sound at
    home as if it were in a Theatre.
    Is it correct?
    Somebody said that there might need sensors to adjust the sound of the
    speakers so as to give the correct volume, direction and quality of
    sound and I am getting confused!
    Until now the sound sensors are not used in HTS sytems according to my
    What are your opinions?
  2. I have an Onkyo home theater receiver that has a microphone input. It's for
    setting up the speaker output level, frequency cutoff, phasing, and delay.
    You just plug the microphone in and take a series of readings from three
    different listening positions. The receiver automatically sets it all up,
    takes only about ten minutes to go thru the procedure. Seems to work fine,
    it sounds great.
  3. The main use of delay, which should normally be applied equally to all
    speakers is to compensate for the processing delays in the video
    monitor, so that speech is in sync with lip movements. A normal CRT TV
    has basically zero frames pocessing delay, but a LCD/ flat panel may
    need up to 8 frames sound delay.

    The idea of having a sensor is probably self defeating and will end up
    causing more problems than it cures, although some professional delay
    systems, for large auditoriums, for example, do have air temperature
    compensation, as the speed of sound changes with temperature

    I suggest that you post this question on and look for
    replies from people like Scott Dorsey.

  4. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    It is used as a setup tool and may well not be part of the final installed
    system. The other posters delineated the usage for setup quite well.
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