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Home Security Suggestions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by fx99, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. fx99

    fx99 Guest

    I am having a hard time deciding about home security.

    What is the most effective option to secure my home at a reasonable

    DIY, if do which system?

    Have it installed, then which company?

    I have been researching and still can not come to a conclusion. You
    advice will be appreciated

    thank you
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Hard question for us to answer. "DIY" requires some knowledge of running
    wires, an understanding of the operating principles of the components in an
    alarm system, and maybe even some special tools.

    "Hang" in the group a while. Call three local companies in to give you a
    quote based on a needs analysis and not the "sign on the lawn". What are
    you interested in protecting?? Your family?? Your belongings when you're

    Frank Olson
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  3. --

    -- Guest

    Just keep in mind, as an additional item to think about, when you take
    a professional to install your system... It will never be yours,
    they don't provide you with ALL the secret codes.

  4. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    Not a true statement, Paul. I am sure you are not familiar with the over
    3900 installling companies in the states and their business practices. A
    truer picture would be that if a customer purchases the equipment, than they
    in deed own it. If a customer chooses to lease the equipment, which is
    common in low up front dollar systems, then the title to the equipment is in
    the name of the leasor until the expiration of the lease, ususally equal to
    the term of the monitoring agreement, and then there is some pre documented
    buy-out price in order to transfer title. In a continueing nature type
    lease, usually commercial applications so the customer can take the tax
    advantage as a business expense, the lease is continuous but the customer is
    well aware of and has agreed to the arrangements. If someone gets into a
    lease without knowing it, it is only because they don't read. It must be in
    the agreement or it doesn't exist. It is not the companies fault that the
    customer signs something they don't read. That is why there is a three day
    right of refusal on any agreement that is a home solicitation. This gives
    the customer time to read the agreement without the big bad unscrupulous
    salesperson sitting there twisting their arm to sign.
    Another non truth. The secret codes, you refer to, are codes to enter
    installer level programming. They are not meant for the customer's use. This
    keeps them from getting into areas of system programming and accidently
    changing citical information that may keep the system from working the way
    it was intended. Sometimes you hear about that unscrupulous company that
    won't give up that code. I am not saying this has never happened, but in
    more cases than not, the code is not given out because of non payment, terms
    of contracts not being fulfilled, companies not in business any longer, etc.
    You only hear one side of the story. If it is a concern, make it part of the
    agreement, that upon separation, the panel will be set back to factory
    settings. Bottom line is that a new board cost less than a hundered on the
    high side. Most are under fifty. If a company wants the account, they will
    spend the money without charging the new customer. This NG is for helpful
    information based on facts not mis-information based on peoples personal
    opinions or assumptions, Paul. Lets try to tell it as it really is.

  5. schism

    schism Guest

    Only install it if you have some understanding of electronics and
    construction. Never know what you may run into. And the ADEMCO
    product is a good stable system (in my opinion, have a vista 20p on
    the wall myself) and has good wireless as well if you want to go that
    route, more expensive but less of a wireing nightmare. Also I would
    recomend a professional company doing it if you are considering any
    fire protection at all. Simply because if it is a "good" company there
    techs and maybe even their salespeople are trained as too the way
    fires happen and the placement of devices to detect the fire as well
    as all applicable codes.
    Doesn't really matter as long as it is a reputable company. Make sure
    if you get it as an install and monitoring package that they have more
    than one monitoring center for redundancy. And if you do it as two
    seperate things make sure the monitoring side you choose has more than
    one monitoring center. pays off big time in the long run. Like the
    hurricans going through florida now.......
    Asking in here is a good idea. Lots of these guys have been doing it
    since Methusala was a small child and can offer really good advice.
  6. --

    -- Guest

    frankx99, look at the answer from a pro...
    Bob Worthy you take only part of my fraise and put it out of context.
    TRUE the installer don't provide ALL secret codes.
    It will never be complete purshasers system anymore.
    "may keep the system from working the way it was intended" by the
    No changes possible like adding a sensor or changing exit delay...
    And then? Who will resolve the "not yours" problem?
    Several times in this group the question is asked by an owner how he
    can get FULL control of the panel who is installed in a house he just
    No way, the installer code is only provided to an other installer
    (when still possible, see obove), its never under owners control.

    My initial statement remains exact :
    : Just keep in mind, as an additional item to think about, when you take
    : a professional to install your system...
    :It will never be yours, they don't provide you with ALL the secret codes.
    It speeks for itself.
    You pay for the setup and they erase it when they have to leave
    obliging you again to ask for an installer...
    Admire dear purshaser, "you will never be the owner" anymore in the
    full extend of the word.

    No other comments.
  7. fx99

    fx99 Guest

    Should I rule out the national chains?

  8. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    By all means, no. Have them perform a needs analysis with you and get them
    to provide quotes on the same type of protection you've been quoted from the
    locals. Steer clear of the "free system" or "low down payment" deals...
    They're not (free or "low down").

    Frank Olson
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    You can read the ASA FAQ at
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