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Home security monitoring service

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by HR, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. HR

    HR Guest

    I was looking around for a home security monitoring service.
    The house in RDU, NC has ADT equipment installed by the previous owner.
    I called CPI and they offered me a 36 mo contract at $30/mo & I could use a
    cell phone instead of a land line.
    I could use their standard package without any additional fees.
    I was wondering if I could get a better deal elsewhere, without the
    Do phone companies (e.g. Verizon) offer alarm monitoring?
  2. HR

    HR Guest

  3. HR

    HR Guest

    I have a DCS pc1555.
    Should this not work with any and all monitoring systems?
  4. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    Pretty much yes.
    You cannot use a regular cellphone
    30 bucks a month is a tad high...actually more than a "tad" unless that
    included the special cellular phone you willl need.

    Find a local alarm company to take care of you, forget the cheapies online
    some of them aren't real.

    Phone companies don't offer alarm monitoring...we've been fighting that
    battle for years.

    |I have a DCS pc1555.
    | Should this not work with any and all monitoring systems?
  5. tourman

    tourman Guest

    Effectively yes, the 1555 has a number of common communication formats
    available. As Crash says, find yourself a smaller local dealer,
    preferably one who will give you a measure of service and warranty
    included with the monitoring at a fair market price.

    Pure low end monitoring is available from a number of places. One that
    I know of that is also very good is"".
    However, it pays to remember that these discount outfits generally
    give you nothing but the monitoring itself which is fine as long as
    you can service the panel yourself. Service will be by referral to an
    independant dealer in your locale, who will charge you a premium price
    for his services. One service call could easily eat up any difference
    between the discount rate of these suppliers and a local independant
    for several or more years. Plus they often charge you for a year in
    advance, which can be non refundable.

    Discount monitoring services are a crap everything in
    life, you generally get what you pay for......( penny ante
    philosophical mode...."off"...).

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