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home security battery ??

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by :\, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. :\

    :\ Guest

    Hello:) I have a DSC (DIGITAL SECURITY CONTROLS) alarm system in the
    home. I have found their website online but they wont return my email.
    Recently a "yellow" trouble light came on which I checked the code in
    the manual and it says it is the battery. Where on earth is the
    battery so I can change it?? Manual does not say. I tried prying the
    keypad but didnt seem to come apart. My model is a PC1500. Thanks for
    the help in advance!! :)
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You'll have to locate the main control. It's usually in a closet tucked up
    out of the way. It's a metal can about 13" square and about 3.5" deep. The
    battery that's usually supplied with this product is a 12 v 4.5 or 5AH. You
    can buy them at "Rat Shack" or from your local alarm dealer.
  3. Don't pry under the keypad. Go into the basement, garage, or closet, and
    look for several small gauge wires (look like phone wires) going into a
    beige or gray metal box about 12 inches square. That is your alarm control
    panel. If your system is hardwired only, (doesn't have any wireless devices
    with little batteries in them at the doors &/or windows) and your battery is
    at least 5 yrs old, it's in need of replacement. (or you tripped an a/c
    circuit or blew your low voltage alarm transformer- but if the batt is that
    old, replace it anyway) Inside the alarm control panel, you'll find your old
    battery with a red and a black wire attached by slide clips to red and black
    battery terminals. Slide these off, and put a new battery in of the same
    type. It's either a 12vdc 4ah, or a 12vdc 7ah batt. DO NOT attach the leads
    to the wrong terminals on the battery- they are color coded, so be very
    careful- you will fry the main board &/or start an electrical fire if you
    hook it up backwards.
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