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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Hibes, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Hibes

    Hibes Guest

    I'm looking to install 4 to 8 security cameras in my 3000 square ft
    home. Likely wireless would be best, or the type that runs through the
    electrical line. I have an ethernet LAN in the house and DSL modem and
    would like to access any camera view from any of the computers on the
    network. And in the summers when I go to the cottage I'd like to be
    able to see those camera views online, either as video streams or
    snapshots or both. And if possible have the intruder alert sent to my
    email and/or phone.

    Which hardware and software would best suite my needs? I don't think I
    would need to have any automation such as camera zoom or tilt, but if
    it's included I may use it. I'm quite computer literate so setting up
    the internet feeds wouldn't be over my head. I've never setup security
    cameras before though. I have an old Pentium 200 with 96MB ram and 4GB
    hard drive lying around and was hoping to use it for this setup. If
    not I can find a better computer.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hibes (in Canada)
  2. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Look at Panasonic's Network Cameras. You can access all the models through
    their consumer electronics side of their web site. The cameras range in
    price from $150 US to around $1200. The smallest camera the BL-C10A is a
    very cost effective little camera, and offers a small pan/tilt range.
    Chances are you won't need 8 of them. They set up very easily with their own
    little web page, much like a linksys router. They offer email, FTP, and a
    Free service (DDNS) for finding them on the web. Look them over, and if you
    have any questions, I'd be glad to help.
    P.S. That P200 you have has too slow of a processor for most current
    applications, other than getting email.

  3. Hibes

    Hibes Guest

    Thanks Jack. I'll check them out. Not sure if I want a network camera
    though. I'm more interested in a wireless cameras for easy
    installation that can be fed into a computer interface of some kind,
    and from there the multiviews are distributed to the LAN and internet.
    I'd likely buy a new computer for this job. I'm a computer tech, so I
    like this idea better. Places like x10 and have
    multiview software, but they're always limited to 4 cameras.

  4. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    I'd stay away from anything X-10. The Panasonic Cameras come wired or
    wireless LAN/WAN. Plug an play, simple to use. They also have recording
    software for them as well.
    Free DDNS service that let's you find the cameras from the Internet. I use
    them for video verification on 90% of my installs. They work great.

  5. Beachcomber

    Beachcomber Guest

    If you go with wireless cams, you'll probably find that they are more
    sensitive to environmental variables (low temps, high temps, direct
    sunlight, foliage scattering of the RF signal etc.). All sorts of
    quirks can come up with camera placement vs. the need for good RF
    signal reception. Few have scrambled outputs so if you have these
    inside your house, you might be putting on a show for the neighbors if
    they have similar receiving equipment.

    Dont get me wrong. There are times when wireless cams are a great
    convenience. But in most cases, you are going to run a power cable
    for a camera, you might as well run a cat-5 data cable or a coax along
    with it to insure a quality signal.

  6. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    While they make the pictures pretty on the website those cameras usually
    stink as far as resolution and useless in the real world
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