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Home made fix to charging problems?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 1, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I have had my toshiba laptop for a year and a month...I say this
    because my warranty expired a month ago lucky me. Anyways it gets hot
    real hot so i have a tendency of tippin it backwards when im trying to
    use it for something quick and dont feel like putting it on the
    cooling tray. In this event i ruined the cord. So i hopped on ebay and
    bought a universal. Due to laziness I start tipping the laptop again
    and break the little prongs on the universal. I have a friend make me
    a make shift charger that has the right pollarity and such(excuse the
    spelling im a electronic retard) so this power supply works fine until
    my next ebay cord is coming till one day it stop charging. So i get
    the proper cord and still no power. I looked into the hole where the
    power supply plugs in and it would appear that some solder is melted
    and crack probably due to the heat,,,,,WHO KNOWS! I find out my
    warranty expired a month ago so no help from them. Im lost on what to
    do now. Is there a way of charging battery without using the laptop or
    I saw a post of someone who fixed the soldering problem but didnt
    catch how he did it....I have a friend pretty knowledgable of such
    things. But before presenting this to him I would like to have a few
    sollutions from you smart people on how to remedy this
    problem........Thanks for reading this dreery story and thanks for any
    help given.

  2. It is possible that stress from leaning the laptop back has cracked the
    solder joints from the power connector to the pcb. If that were the case
    more than likely it could be be fixed by simply resoldering the connections.
    I might suggest adding a pigtail wire, replacing the connector, so that
    you'd not have this problem in the future.

    The problem could also be caused from an improper charger polarity or
    voltage and would result in a more difficult repair requiring replacement of

    - Mike
  3. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Sounds like the common problem. Happens in Dells and Fujitsu to my
    knowledge. I've fixed a few by dismantling the laptop, removing the
    connector, repairing the joints within the connector (dismembering it in the
    case of old Dells) and replacing and re-assembling. Usually works.
    It's the case of repairing something (cheaply yourself) that the
    professionals do by replacing the system board (at big cost). Just takes a
    bit of time and care. Preferably someone who's done a few before...
  4. Marra

    Marra Guest

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