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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Peter Nolan, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Peter Nolan

    Peter Nolan Guest


    I do not see my post entitled "Hobbytronics" using MT-Newswatcher today and will rather not use Google. So there.
    However I saw the one reply to my fabulous contribution not wishing to make everything to glow in the style of Donald Trump even if
    I think he may be on to a good thing loving this that and everything perhaps.
    I saw him emerge from the back of his own transatlantic jet on Scotland recently where he is building a "huge" golf course to use a word
    Conan Ó'Brien attributes to The Donald as Ivana used to call him before they split so
    does he know something energising or something that people love? Your call.
    The respondent asked me how to implement my idea and I quote the Chinese dictum many hands make light work.
    We can now communicate using the WWW and scientists and engineers in
    the public and privat sector or any other sector can easily do business like never before.
    The Japanese make the best cars in the world having learned from the Americans and Europeans and I see
    a debilitating pride in Americans to learn from others. If you read posts by Jim Thompson in this NG who is as good an electronic
    as any one and who was asked to design a power supply for the Hubble Telerscope you may be able to detect a
    self defeating arrogance in his writings.
    I have things to do like buying two new pairs of trousers this morning and that is as much as I can add now.


    Peter Nolan.
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