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Hitachi Ultravision Model 50UX26B Intermittent Power Shut Down

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Angela D'Andrea, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. We have a Hitachi Ultravision Model 50UX26B projection TV that was
    made in July 1996. Lately it has been shutting itself off at random
    times. Hitting the power button on the remote usually turns it back
    on again (you actually need to hit the power button twice; the first
    time you hear the TV click and the second time it comes on).

    I don't think it is heat related because it's done it shortly after
    turning it on sometimes. Other times it will run for a long time
    without problem. The frequency of the intermittent shut downs has
    progressively increased from infrequent to several times an hour. Now,
    we can't power the TV on except occasionally and then it doesn't stay
    on for long. When we hit the power button the TV would click and the
    power light would flash on briefly but wouldn't stay on.

    Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with our TV and how it can be
    fixed? We'ev found several other posts to Usenet where people have had
    the same problem, however, we haven't seen a definitive fix, and no
    one has followed up to say whether the advised fixes actually worked.
    Of course, we are hesitant to call a repair service and spend a pile
    of money only to have the problem continue...

    Thanks for you help.

    Angela D'Andrea
    Austin, Texas
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's probably just a cracked solder joint in the power supply or horizontal
    deflection system, if the picture is good I suggest calling a pro unless you
    have good soldering skills and are able to identify subsystems by looking at
    the boards to know where to look for the bad joints. The repair should be
    fairly straightforward for an experienced tech though.
  3. AP63 Chassis

    Inspect all electrolytic capacitors for leakage and ESR, resolder the common
    areas that are problems. Check for defective components and bad solder


    and a few dozen more parts. Troubleshooting would narrow it down to the
    problem area more effectively.

    Or call a tech that has some experience with these sets.

    Leonard Caillouet
  4. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest


    I have the same model manufactured at approximately the same time frame. We
    have not experienced the problem you describe, but I did have the main power
    on/off relay go bad so it had to be replaced. I only mention this since it
    was a pretty easy fix and if you can't find any cold solder joints on the
    power board you may want to check the resistance of the relay contacts
    themselves (mine would stick closed after the set was turned off, but I
    imagine that they could just as easily become resistive and have the
    potential to
    fail in the manner you describe as well).

    After dismissing cold solder and checking the other components Leonard
    cited, I'd look at the relay. Hope you can get this fixed. We still love
    our set. If you need a schematic, let me know as I think I have the service
    manual somewhere.

  5. I too have the same model television. It seems this is the most commo
    problem for these units. On mine however, you can hear the tv clic
    when you press the power button. I have removed the back and the fus
    is still good. In fact the red indicator light (on the circuit boar
    inside tv) comes on when you turn the tv on. Neither the outsid
    indicator light or the screen however come on. Its as if the tv i
    turning partially on, but not all the way. Any advice would be helpful
    I just dont see the reason to take it to a repair shop. I'd rather se
    if I can get it fixed myself. And if anyone has the service manual fo
    it... I would appreciate that too. Thanks

    Matt Walker (),
    Lubbock TX
  6. This is a common scenario.

    Careful! The main filter caps bite hard on these!

    Text pasted from WinSTIPS 2.0


    Shuts Down Randomly. May Take 2 Hours Or 2 Minutes.

    Jeff Stielau : 2/19/03 : Shoreline Electronics

    After Pulling The Chassis & Resolder All Heatsinked Parts & Connectors (
    None Looked Suspicious To Begin With) Problem Still Existed.
    Replacing The Strm6511 (Ici1901) Fixed The Set. Change The 2 Small
    Electrolytics Next To It For Good Measure.


    Jeff Stielau
    Shoreline Electronics Repair
    344 East Main Street
    Clinton,CT 06413
    860-664-3535 (fax)

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