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Hitachi shut down

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I posted this same problem a few times in the last 3-4 weeks. The set
    will not power up. Model #50EX10B. I have checked, replaced, and
    checked some more, various components. I have traced a problem to the
    system IC0001 and eeprom IC0002. I should have 5 volts at pin #44 of
    IC0001 (on/off) circuit, but I have 0 volts. I should have 0 volts at
    pin 3,4 of eeprom, but I have 5 volts. I scoped the data lines on the
    eeprom, but I don't see any type of data, only steady 5 volts. I am
    aware that corrupted eeproms can cause many different problems for a
    TV, and am suspecting this as the culprit to all my problems, since
    some of the problems are intermittent. The B+ wasn't regulated (198
    volts), kept blowing fuse, blew Hot twice, etc. Now the set won't do
    any of this. Only relay clicks on/off with power button. Would a faulty
    eeprom cause all these problems, including missing the 5 volts on pin
    44 of system IC? Anything further I can check/test here before
    replacing another component? Thanks a bunch group for all you responses
    and help to this point.
  2. Jeff Rigby

    Jeff Rigby Guest

    If you have a switching power supply problem and have too much B+ to the
    Horiz output and if you defeat shutdown you will break the Green CRT. First
    problem. Now you probably have other problems since the fuse blew to the
    horiz out. Too much voltage to the other circuits can cause problems there
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