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Hitachi Oscilloscope Operation Manual (FOUND)

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Jon Danniken, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Jon Danniken

    Jon Danniken Guest

    This is for the next guy who buys one of these scopes, so you don't spend
    all day scouring the web looking for the manual.

    The operation manual has been uploaded to ESI:

    This is the operation manual (owner's manual) for the following Hitachi

    Hitachi V-1585
    Hitachi V-1565
    Hitachi V-695
    Hitachi V-1085
    Hitachi V-1065A
    HItachi V-665A
    Hitachi V-1560
    Hitachi V-1060
    Hitachi V-660

    The service manual is also available at ESI from another uploader.

  2. Warren Guinn

    Warren Guinn Guest

    This is for the next guy who buys one of these scopes, so you don't spend
    Hitachi Europe has a website that hase a lot of manuals and
    look under Oscilloscopes

    Index of /004 Oscilloscopes

    Name Last
    Size[DIR] .. Fri, 16 Mar
    2007 16:48:06
    [DIR] 00________Software_Oscilloscopes
    [DIR] 01 test & mesurment catalog Fri,
    [DIR] 02________vc-6525-6725-695-transformer
    [FILE] 0-RealTimeOscilloscope-Datasheet.pdf
    [FILE] 0-RealTimeStorageOscilloscope-Datasheet.pdf
    [FILE] How_to_switch_ReadOut_to_-ON-.jpg
    [FILE] SO-100-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    [FILE] SO-100-Operation_Manual-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] V-1050-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    FILE] V-1100A-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] V-1100A-Operation_Manual-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] V-1100-Character_control.pdf T
    [FILE] V-1150-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] V-152B-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] V-152F-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] V-1565-1560-695-Mechanical.pdf
    [FILE] V-1585-65-60-V-695-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] V-1585-65-60-V-695-OM-Schematics-English.pdf
    [FILE] V-1585-65-65A-60-V-695-V-665A-OM-new.pdf
    [FILE] V-202F-203F-Operation_Manual.pdf F
    [FILE] V-209-Operation_Manual.pdf Fri,
    [FILE] V-209-Operation_Manual-deutsch.PDF
    [FILE] V-211-V-212-Operation Manual.pdf M
    FILE] V-212-Schematics.pdf Tue, 1
    [FILE] V-223-V-423-Operation_Manual.pdf F
    [FILE] V-252-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf Mo
    [FILE] V-422-V-222-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    [FILE] V-425-V-225-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    [FILE] V-509-Battery-Charger-Adjustment-Info.pdf
    [FILE] V-509-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf Mo
    [FILE] V-509-Operation_Manual.pdf Fri,
    [FILE] V-522-V-523-V-525-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] V-522-V-523-V-525-Schematics.PDF
    [FILE] V-550B-Operation_Manual.pdf Mo
    [FILE] V-552-555-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf Tu
    [FILE] V-650F-Operation_Manual.pdf Thu
    [FILE] V-695-Read-Out-Intensity.jpg Tue,
    [FILE] VC-5430-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf M
    [FILE] VC-5460-5430-5410-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-5470-5460-5430-5410-Bedienung-deutsch.pd
    [FILE] VC-5470-5460-5430-5410-Datasheet.pdf
    [FILE] VC-5470-60-30-10.pdf Sun, 2
    [FILE] VC-5470-Image.jpg Mon, 1
    [FILE] VC-5810-50-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    [FILE] VC-5810-5850-Datasheet.pdf Su
    [FILE] VC-5810-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf T
    [FILE] VC-5810-Image.jpg Mon,
    [FILE] VC-5850-Image.jpg Mon,
    [FILE] VC-6015-Operation_Manual.pdf T
    [FILE] VC-6025-6045-6525-6545-Bedienung-deutsch.p
    [FILE] VC-6025-6045-6525-6545-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6025-6045-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6025A-45A-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6025A-45A-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6041B-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6050-Operation_Manual.pdf F
    [FILE] VC-6145_Operation_Manual-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6265-6165-6065-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6275-6175-6075-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6523-6524-6023-6024-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6523-6524-6023-6024-OM-english.pdf
    [FILE] VC-6525-6545-Operation_Manual-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7104-Batterietausch-info.jpg
    [FILE] VC-7104-Batterietausch-info.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7104-Bedienung-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7104-Datenblatt-deutsch.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7104-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7524-7504-7502-Datasheet.pdf
    [FILE] VC-7524-7504-7502-Operation_Manual.pdf
    [FILE] VC-75XX-Datasheet.pdf M
    [FILE] VF-4301-05-10-VG-4420-29-Datasheet.pdf
    [FILE] VG-4420-Operation_Manual.pdf

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