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Hitachi C43WP910 rear projection TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by JVC Dude, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Hi, Anyone familiar with these?

    PSU seems ok, it fires into standby.
    when you bring it out of standby it strikes up with a slight rustle of EHT
    and 6/7 green LEDs come on (secondary voltage indicators I presume).
    after approx 1second it then 'trips' back to standby and the LEDs each fase
    away over 1-2 secs. It repeats this 3 times before 'locking' into standby.
    Theres no sound of arcing and none of the usual comps seem faulty.
    LOPTx ? Is this the most likely suspect, or are there other common faults
    with these monsters (well in the UK 43" is considered big still!)

  2. BWL

    BWL Guest

    Look carefully at board; do ALL the LED's light? If so, when set shuts down,
    does one of the LED's go out faster than the others? One acting different is
    key to missing voltage. Hitachi has service manuals online free after
    registering online with them.
  3. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Thanks for help.
    of the 5 green leds, DP15 goes out the quickest, but not 'instantly' as I
    would expect if the rail was short.
    DP06 a re led with PROTECT LED against it comes on when the set strikes up
    out of standby, going off quickly when it trips.
    I don't know what this signifies except it is in the SMPSU area and perhaps
    should only illuminate when theres a fault? which there is!!

    I've looked at the Hitachi eu service website the manual is there, but as
    you said an account/pwd is required.
    I've rung to try to get one but I suspect they aren't going to let non
    account holders have access.
    manaul is the CL43WP910TAN
    Anyone out there with access would care to download and pass it on? to:

    service at wilkinsons dot tv
    I would be very grateful
  4. BWL

    BWL Guest

    You're definitely going to need the manual; Hitachi's typically use as many as
    two dozen diodes to route over/under voltage, loss of sweep/deflection, over
    current and x-ray detect signals to the shutdown circuits. You will also need a
    peak-hold meter to determine where the shutdown signal is coming from. Expect
    this to take a while...
  5. JVC Dude

    JVC Dude Guest

    Thanks for the help. I've tracked down a copy of the manual. Hope to have it
    If its a board fault that doesn't worry me too much. I was more worried by
    the thoughts of problems with the CRT's etc. since this 3CRT technology is
    unfamiliar to me

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