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Hitachi 51SWX20B green moving around back and forth (not convergence)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jason D., Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Hi, might remember I have this Hitachi 51SWX20B chassis DP27, Aug
    2002. Bear with me, it's very frustrating and owner is nagging. Kip,
    you might want to see the images. Also to Kip and others, if you
    still want to send info or your experiences, let me know with and for
    Kip, please tell me how big the files are.

    jpero @ sympatico . ca (remove spaces).

    Here's two links of pictures of this green vertical lines noise, 22K
    close up and 33K area in general respectively:

    These two pictures, ignore the misconvergence, this is not the issue
    since I have already replaced the generator module. The green only
    moved from it's usual position to the right with this fainter vertical
    line in erratic way and very intermittently comes together back to
    normal with "ghost lines & vertical green misconvergence" disappeared
    for awhile. Then problem reappears, diappears erratically can take
    hours in span. And it does intermittently moves like a jitter with
    that faint noise ahead more farther or less in sync with the main
    green vertical lines displacement. Move to right, the fainter noise
    is more farther it is. More to the right into convergence with the R
    and B, fainter lines less apart, sometimes disappears.

    It is the green only since did blinded the blue, red and green with a
    len cap to make sure. This seems to make me think the green somehow
    is "delayed" with noise added to it.

    What I have done: replaced convergence generator module, TA1360N
    (I401), checked electrolytic capacitors, measured ohms. including
    three CRT boards (dealing with metal shield is a pain but easily
    Heat & cold, tapping, flexing treatments does not affect this. I
    would be really very surprised if that is really the convergence ICs,
    oh yes, unplugged all VM coils to no effect.

    Also, is there a way to SEE the noise on scope like that? I have hard
    time looking for the "noise" in sea of video waveforms.

    Cheers, Wizard
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