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Hitachi 32gx01b, chasis m10lxu video?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rejean Nadeau, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. When you watching like a hockey game, you lost all details in area
    where the white is present(like wathing a light) but all the rest of
    the picture look normal, not to bright.
    The ABL look fine, the contrast ajustement and bright do not corect
    the problem, i have try the sub ajustement(sevice mode)and i cannot
    correct the problem this way either. When the bright and contrast
    ajustement are minimum you can still see the problem, i have replace
    I501 without any success.

    I would appreciate any help.....

    Thank you.
  2. David

    David Guest

    Why are you replacing an IC for what would be classified as a capacitor
    induced video level problem?
  3. I have check all capacitors(electrolitic with esr meter) they all look
    ok, it'is always possible that a miss one, if you think of a
    particular one that a should be aware i will like to know. thank you
  4. David

    David Guest

    Digital comb filter or pip?
    Look inside those for failed surface mount capacitors in the video signal
    path. Common on older higher end Hitachi large screen tv sets, including
    some 32".
  5. I have solve the problem, it was the LX15 coil who was
    resistive, the voltage was dropping from 5V to 3.9V, this Voltage is
    use to power a part of IC IX11 ( TC90A53N, 3 LINE Y/C SEPARATOR ) on
    the signal board.
    The 5V that power the IC is split in tree branch and each one as a
    coil that filter the 5V, so if you have video problem you may want to
    check the other coils. Very small clipping can be see with the scope
    on the upper edge of the video signal on pin 25(ouput) of IX11, it is
    when i have compare whit the signal at pin 5 (input) that i have notes
    this difference.

    Well i not to happy about my self, i have first check the 5 volts
    supply (at the source) and it was ok.... I have not check it directly
    on the IC, it the second times that a coil fool me ...... :(

    Thank you David to have try to help me.
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