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Hioki 3551

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by JaBrIoL, Nov 6, 2003.

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  1. JaBrIoL

    JaBrIoL Guest


    Good morning, I am building a calibration set-point device for the
    Hioki 3551.

    To those who are familiar with batteries, the Hioki 3551 is a battery
    hiTester. That not only check your volatge. but also the internal

    Does some one has an Idea, of how I would build a Battery simulator to
    use a calibration set-point device?

    So far I came up with putting a load onto a 12vdc supply And I get a
    good voltage reading but not a good resistance read.
    It bounces around too much.

    The way resistance is measured is via 1kz.. thru a wave detection

    By the way I know there is a Hioki 3551 calibration manual out there.
    Does anyone have it?

    If you live in the USA or it territories..
    you can drop me a voice mail


    mailbox 5110121961

    note to arjw:

    I work for a living.. why can't you do that...???
  2. PLEASE remove ARJW in any replies to Jabriol as we are not an electronics
    NG. Thank you! :)

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