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hilfe uber 18150Z SOP6 SMD?!?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by upsit, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. upsit

    upsit Guest

    does anyone knows what component is 18150Z, SOP6 package SMD (2 x 3 pins)

    its in circle of power supply of portable DVD player...i guess it could be
    some voltage buck converter....cant find any datasheet at all ?!?!? i need a
    datasheet of it or information what can be replacement for it?!?!

  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    If you can't not identify the purpose of this chip, what makes you think
    it is bad? Is there big gaping hole in it?

  3. upsit

    upsit Guest

    i am sorry for being arogant, but your question/conclusion is a bit lame :))

    ......well, of course i am not asking just for curiosity....the component is
    burnt out (smoked) so it is completely logical that i am asking about this
    particular component to replace it with new one or replacement that can
    suits there....

    and purpose of the "chip" (more likely is about the complex MOSFET) is
    definitely about power control in any sense since it is in serial connection
    right after DC power jack 9 - 12 Volts input...

    btw; are you even in electronics at all?!?!?!

    i have a dozen of AudioSonic portable DVD players and all of them have the
    same problem; that part is burnt out and it wont work....

    i bought a working one, opened it and found out that compnent is marked as i
    already wrote, to replace it, i need to know what am i
    replacing....coz Google does not recognize that SMD marking....
  4. upsit

    upsit Guest the moment i am in Mandurah nearby Perth, why?
  5. Are these any help? SOP
    6-SMD 6-smd
    ( SOP 6-SMD 6-smd 6-SMD 6-smd)
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