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highest power ultraviolet LED

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Asa Cannell, May 1, 2004.

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  1. Asa Cannell

    Asa Cannell Guest

    I am looking for the highest power ultraviolet LED available for OEM
    use. I've found the nichia 85mW (1000ma pulsed) 380nM, and the soon to
    be released nichia 100mW 365nM model. Is there anything else out there
    thats either high power or especially low frequency? I've read about
    some sandia devices but how do you buy them?

  2. If you want some very high powered UV light sources in UV-A, UV-B, and
    UV-C go to the site here.

    These are very small, and pack a lot more power than any LED will do.
    These will have a very good effect in being appicable for a good use.
    They are almost as small as a LED, but will require the matched power

    The LED even at 100 mw is still very low power and not practical for
    good UV applications, unless it is very low power that is required.

    Jerry G.
  3. ~^Johnny^~

    ~^Johnny^~ Guest

    Whast a horrible looking site.

    The author needs to either learn how to properly use cascading style sheets,
    or not use them at all!
    wide-open at throttle dot info

    Maybe I should ask Radio Shack. They claim they've got answers;
    but frankly, if Radio Shack were our provider, we'd _really_ be in
    trouble now, wouldn't we?
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