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Highest dielec.constant liquid?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jim Sanders, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Jim Sanders

    Jim Sanders Guest

    What legally obtainable, and relatively safe, liquids have the highest
    available dielectric constant?

  2. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

  3. Don Pearce

    Don Pearce Guest

    Distilled water is about 80 - but it is pretty temperature dependant,
    as are most liquids, I believe. I don't think there is much that goes
    a great deal higher - certainly not safe stuff.

    Pearce Consulting
  4. normanstrong

    normanstrong Guest

    Water. Sea water is about 80.

    Norm Strong
  5. Julie

    Julie Guest

    Actually, sea (salt) water is closer to 81. Water is about 80.
  6. Don Pearce

    Don Pearce Guest

    The problem with salt water is that it conducts like crazy; that makes
    for a bit of a problem in most applications where dielectric constant
    is a major factor.

    Pearce Consulting
  7. K Williams

    K Williams Guest

    A tad late to the table, but...
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