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High side Mosfet Gate Drive

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tamim, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. Tamim

    Tamim Guest

    I want to design a gate drive for a high voltage power mosfet. I
    know its very easy to design one for the low side of a bridge circuit
    but i dont know how to design one for the high side. This is because
    the the source is not grounded. The source potential changes from 0 to
    340V. I have heard that i can use transformer with another ordinary
    mosfet but i cant find any website where the have explained this. If
    anyone has any idea or knows a good website please let me know. I will
    really appreciate any help. Thanks alot


  2. There are many manyfacturers for highside drivers. For up to 600V,
    they cost peanuts.

    google for highside driver

  3. Tamim

    Tamim Guest

    Thanks for ur advice but i must design one because this is part of my
    project. A ready made one wont do.

  4. There are a very many different ways to drive a high side MOSFET depending
    upon your specific requirements. Not all methods require a transformer.

    As a good start I suggest reading the following:
  5. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

    So Google for mosfet gate drive tansformer.

  6. Tamim

    Tamim Guest

    Thank u very much. Although i havent read it yet but i quickly scanned
    the links and they look exactly what i wanted. You cant imagine how
    much happy iam.:)

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