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High Resolution DAC

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Oliver Dial, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Oliver Dial

    Oliver Dial Guest

    Hi! I'm looking for a high resolution (ideally 24 bit) DAC to use in a
    low drift DC voltage source. I don't believe a sigma-delta converter
    is appropriate for this job (although perhaps someone could convince me
    otherwise). Does anyone have any suggestions? I've checked with my
    usual suspects (Analog, TI/Burr-Brown, Maxim), and haven't seen
    anything that looks appropriate.
  2. I don't think you're going to find anything but sigma-delta ADCs at
    this resolution (for any sort of reasonable price anyway). Look at ADI
    again. They have 24-bit ADCs made for measuring DC all the way up to
    multi-megahertz sampling ones.

  3. My bad... I read the original post too fast and took DAC for ADC. ADI
    probably still has what you're looking for, but I am less familiar with
    their DAC offerings.

    Mea culpa,
  4. Jon Elson

    Jon Elson Guest

    This is 1 part in 16.7 million! Do you actually need that resolution, or
    that accuracy? If you need the accuracy, then you are going to find this
    assignment real difficult. Everything in the main signal chain is going
    to have to be stable to that level. If this were a 10 V max power supply,
    then the output would have to be stable, or accurate, to half of a
    You won't even be able to breath on the thing without inducing
    voltages that swamp that by an order of magnitude.

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