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high-pitched whining on Sony monitors

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by C3, Dec 31, 2003.

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  1. C3

    C3 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I've noticed that on many Sony monitors and TVs, after a few months, they
    start producing high-pitched whines. I've noticed this with two TVs, and two
    computer screens, including my G520, which is only a year and a bit old.

    Does anybody knows what causes these high-pitched whines? They only occur
    sometimes, and only at some resolutions and refresh rates. Can they be
    fixed? Will they be repaired free of charge under warranty?

    Another thing I've recently noticed on my monitor is that when changing from
    certain resolutions to certain others, the monitor will display a very dark
    purple square while it does so. This square is very dark and doesn't really
    bother me, but it looks like what you would see when you try to drive an old
    monitor beyond its capabilities. For the record, I am not trying to drive
    the monitor beyond its capabilities - in fact, this monitor will pop up a
    message if I try to do this.

    Can somebody please advise me as to my options regarding these annoyances.
    Ideally, I'd like to have these annoyances repaired.


  2. Could it be they are like British airplanes ??
  3. It reminds me of a joke:
    Why haven't the British ever made a computer???

    They can't figure out how to make it leak oil!

    Angelo Sartore


  4. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    These effects are usually caused by mechanical movements and/or resonance's
    in the flyback components.
    Your four Sony devices are perhaps just the tip of an iceberg. I am sure
    your local Sony agent will be quite familiar with these types of fault, and
    be well equipped to explain, excuse, and/or repair.
    Under warranty should be OK, but if you roll up with 4 items, they may well
    think that the one common item is the problem. Meaning you. One at a time,
    to different agents, may work better.

    Out of warranty ? Take your wallet.
  5. C3

    C3 Guest

    Out of warranty ?

    I'm only worried about the G520. I've gotten rid of the other monitor, and
    the two TVs aren't used by me, since I don't watch much TV. One of them is
    almost 15 years old.


  6. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    As a footnote, it would seem that the Sony quality and long life, plus the
    innovation, are largely absent now. As soon as Sony turned its service
    centres over to a sort of company approved get-rich quick scheme for those
    who saw the opportunity and had some front money, the writing was on the
    wall for all to see. Myself, I never bought another Sony product. Sad,
    The best general purpose radio I ever bought was the synthesized ICF-2001 by
    Sony. I bought it to follow the action in the Falklands war in 1982, and it
    still works perfectly, and is used daily. I doubt I could replace it with
    anything so versatile or reliable at any price, from any source, today.

    Today, we only get the quality we are prepared to pay for :-(

  7. C3

    C3 Guest

    I paid dearly for this Sony monitor, and I expect it to last! Sadly, even at
    the top end, I too notice the decline in the quality of Sony products.

  8. K Dog

    K Dog Guest

    Hi Bill,

    I think it's always been that way - the old adage "you get what you pay

    Cheap money = cheap gear. Good money = good gear. Usually. Not always of

    Someone I knew paid $1900 for a Sony 21" Trinitron monitor. Well, let me
    assure you he had a heck of a time with it, had poor geometry, he couldn't
    get it straight, he couldn't get it right, in the end he sent it back to
    Sony and demanded a replacement or refund. Had his monitor fixed, still not
    good enough so he just went and gave it to his sister who works at home for
    a media firm. He went and got himself a nice high-refresh 18" Samsung flat
    panel screen and is happy as could be.

    CRTs are getting very shit these days, probably made with piss-cheap
    components from banana republics. I've got a Philips 109P Brilliance
    (diamondtron tube) and it's not hard to notice geometry defects. The defects
    aren't too bad, not bad enough to return it with a good old "**** it, I want
    my money back"...but it's a pain in the arse to experience geometry defects
    just the same. CRT monitors should be made with SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE picture
    tubes. MOST CRTs are made with NH tubes with slight modifications because
    it's CHEAPER that way, but who would give a rat's arse about customers
    anyway these days? As long as they can advertise the screen and get people
    to buy it (and then charge them more when they complain about geometry
    problems and then send them back to their "authorised" repair
    companies)...they just keep making money. They just don't give a ****. I've
    yet to see ONE CRT monitor that I could say has geometry better than 95%.
    Most are <90%.

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