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High Intensity IR LED

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Steve C, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. Steve C

    Steve C Guest

    I am looking for a high intensity IR LED, about 875nm. The one I have
    now is 15mA, but I would like something 5-10x that. Is there anything


  2. Louis Boyd

    Louis Boyd Guest


    Their OD-100 is a single chip 100mw unit. The current rating on the
    OD-100 is 500ma and of course it requires a heat sink. About $10 each.
    They have lower power units too. Unfortuanately they have a minimum
  3. There are planty with peak wavelength around 880 nm and maximum
    continuous current 50 mA conservatively, maybe rated even more. You can
    get them from Radio Shack, catalog number 276-143. It may have
    specifiable characteristics based on 20 mA, but it can take much more -
    conservatively 50 mA. Same for other 5 mm / "T1-3/4" infrared LEDs. An
    optimistic continuous current rating for 5 mm infrared LEDs that
    requires good heat conduction from the leads is 100 mA.

    - Don Klipstein ()
  4. (Steve C) wrote in
    Hello Steve,

    the forward current is only half of the story. Depending on the
    application you can have an radiant intensity in the area of your
    interest, which varies dramatically. A narrow beam IrED will have a
    different mW/sr value than a lamp, which is designed to cover a half
    sphere, i.e. to be seen on all angles.

    You probably have to scan the supplierers data sheet for your particular


    BTW. We have tested componentes up to 900 mA, with a duty cylce of 20% at
    115kbit/s. Even after 2000 hours there was no degradation observable.

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