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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BB, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. BB

    BB Guest

    I am an engg student(first year) (electronics) I am very much
    interested in electronics so can u please tell me where exactly to
    start.Can u please suggest me some good books abt electronics so I can
    improve my knowledge in it.
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I thought that the reason for going to school is because that's where
    they teach you these things anyway. Don't your teachers know what books
    you're supposed to have for their classes? Didn't you sign up through
    a course catalog of some kind, that would tell you which class to take

    What am I missing?

  3. Guest


    You obviously put much too much faith in institutions of higher
    education! This group needs a FAQ, as it seems every day someone comes
    with a "Hey, can you help me get started in electronics?" query.

    We should have a list of books for beginners who are interested in
    practical stuff (breadboard etc) and theoretical stuff (basic physics).

  4. It takes at least one person who is willing to collect and
    organize the information from different sources and set up a web site.
    That person can ask in the newsgroup for help with facts or

    The result could be a web site which we can refer to.

    Something like this, maybe?
    "This is a FAQ for seb, created by Eric Thomson, with kind assistance
    of the participators of seb."


    "This is a web site about elementary electronics, created by the
    participators of the discussion group sci.electr..
    Current editor: Eric Thomson."

    It can be inspirational to look at the web site the participators of
    alt.comp.freeware have achieved, at

    But that is an example of a very advanced and massive web site. They
    found a girl who likes to run it and update it. People tell her about
    updates and ideas for the web site and she often asks the group for its
    meaning on different issues.

    Voting about the best freeware programs is organized once a year and
    the groups selection is presented on the web site. The web site also
    contains other stuff the group has suggested. Another guy has started a
    wiki web site and he cooperates with the girl and a few others about
    issues which are not worth discussing in the group.

    They needed to get a new web site for Pricelessware, so they asked for
    help in the group. 4-5 contributors gave enough money to run the web
    site for the coming 5 years.

    Pricelessware is on its way to becoming known, computer magazines and
    bloggers talk about it, and increasing numbers of people use the web
    This is what can be achieved through voluntary cooperation.

    Think about the other end of the scale of commitment. Could we achieve
    something worth looking at for a beginner, even though we are lazy
    bastards, and can we do it without even getting sweaty?

    I am too occupied with other things, but maybe you could do it?
  5. Guest

    It takes at least one person who is willing to collect and

    Good idea. I could take it on, but I am not good at all with
    electronics yet! I'll think up some stuff, and start a new thread on
    the topic...


  6. Any books to suggest? I am willing to write and maintain a FAQ, but
    no one can seem to agree on what they want in it.
  7. hermit50

    hermit50 Guest

    Hi all

    I'm a newbie to electronics. A book I'm reading at the moment, which I purchased
    from is as follows:

    Title: Starting Electronics, (Second edition).
    Author: Keith Brindley
    ISBN: 0 - 7506 - 4435 - 4

    The author uses breadboards to build, and explain, various circuits.

    Also, I found the following websites, which I find to be very helpful in
    explaining some basic stuff that might be of interest to other newbies:


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