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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by egnyc, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. egnyc

    egnyc Guest

    Ok, sorry to be dramatic. If anyone can help me, I will be grateful.
    I have DirecTV on four TV's in my home (2 are DVR decks, 2 are not). I
    have had the service for about 2.5 years. Until October of 2005, the
    reception was absolutely great. Signal strength in the 90's, perfect
    picture, couldn't have been happier.

    Last fall, what I would describe as a pixelated haze or shadow
    surrounds everything on the screen. The more movement and more items
    in the picture, the worse it is (that is, sports is awful, if you are
    watching the news, sometimes you don't notice it). The picture quality
    continues to degrade and is borderline unwatchable at this point.

    I have had the good folks at DirecTV over at least 10 times and they,
    literally, have no clue what the problem is. They changed all the
    wiring, put in a new multi-switch, updated the dish, moved the dish
    higher on the house -- all to no avail.

    Has anyone out there heard of this or have any suggestions about what
    might be causing the problem? Signal strength is still in the 90's,
    system seems to be working great, according to the technicians who come
    to my house -- except for the fact that the picture is atrocious, and
    they all acknowledge that fact before shrugging their shoulders and

    Any thoughts?

  2. Compression artifacts are increasing now in both DTV and Dish Network
    because of overcompression of the signal to make room for HD and other
    new channels. The picture has degraded over the years because the DBS
    companies keep squashing more data into the same bandwidth. Actually,
    this isn't limited to DBS... our local OTA PBS station looks terrible
    for the same reason.
  3. egnyc

    egnyc Guest

    Thanks, Travis. One tech suggested that this was the case. When I
    spoke to the folks at DTV HQ, the engineers told me this was not the
    culprit, that I was the only one reporting this problem, etc etc. Very
  4. "You are the only one having this problem" is
    DBS-and-cable-company-speak for "yep, you are right about the
    degradation in video/audio/content (pick one) but we won't admit it to
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