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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by nick, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. nick

    nick Guest

    i am a university student , i study in year1,now i study a course is about
    design circuits, i feel the contents are very difficult to understand. In
    lesson professor only talk about the edea and concept .If just understand
    the idea , I think i can I cannot finisht the Assignments, because the
    Assignments are require I should understand both theory and practical things
    , so now I feel very confuse about the concept do not know how to apply in

    My course contents :

    complement number
    Quine-McCluskey Mehtod
    Combinational Circuit Design
    Derivation of State Graphs and Tables
    Sequential Circuit Design

    Any one can suggest some methods or reference books to me?

  2. Al Borowski

    Al Borowski Guest

    These are all fairly simple digital concepts. Do yourself a favour and
    buy "The Art of Electronics" By Horowitz and Hill.

  3. Andyb

    Andyb Guest

    Lewin, D.; Protheroe, D., "Design of Logic Systems" , Chapman and Hall
    (London) 1994 ISBN 0412428903

    is a good Undergraduate text for most of those topics. It is out of print,
    but your library might have a copy.

  4. nick

    nick Guest

  5. nick

    nick Guest

    but library only have 1985 version
  6. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    It might help if you could also find some basic
    texts on the subject in your native language.
    What is that, by the way?

    Bob M.
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