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Help!! Your opinion on the direction of Industrial technology devices?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Declan McEvoy, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi All,

    You might be able to help me in the following.

    My knowledge base is in electro-mechanical devices and hence I currently
    providing training to Industry in the areas of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, PLC's
    and associated technologies.

    I am thinking of branching out my training services into other related areas
    and so I am setting about doing a little research as to what devices or
    kinds of technology are now the most popular & indeed as to what devices are
    going to be the up and coming norms in technology for the future. Perhaps
    devices like variable speed drives or proportional hydraulics?

    I am wondering has anybody got an opinion on what is or will be in demand in
    this area of electro-mechanical engineering. I'm particularly interested in
    packages like PLC's, Logic Blocks, Variable Speed Drives etc as they are
    small and relatively cheap and simple to make related training devices and
    accompanying notes etc.

    Any ideas will be much appreciated.

  2. Dear Declan,
    PLCs are not considered electromechanical devices, but computers of
    industrial strength.A very interesting apllication of hydraulics is the
    german diesel-hydraulic train locomotive.Also, a very common
    electromechanical device is the old-fashioned timer of washing machines and
    dishwashers.Most devices now tend to be electronic, timers, washing-machine
    timers.The only thing that will stay e-m is the relay, there is no
    substitute for it.Variable speed control drives are also electronic, AFAIK
    they have no moving parts except perhaps a fan.
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