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Help with XBR power supply.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by davexnet02, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. davexnet02

    davexnet02 Guest

    I attempted to replace vdr602, part # 1-809-264-81.
    I ordered it online from
    They sent me 1-809-264-71,which is the replacement
    according to them

    When I put the part in and plug in the set,
    I hear the click of the relay but the TV will not
    turn on.

    I originally wanted to replace this part because
    spraying it with a little component cooler
    exacerbated the picture interference I was having.

    Please advise. I do have the original part and could
    put it back. Does it matter which way this part
    goes in? I see a little writing on one side, but
    nothing to indicate polarity.

  2. john

    john Guest

    Whats the Model Number and what was the original fault.
    Please explain the fault to us so as we can help you.

  3. davexnet02

    davexnet02 Guest

    The TV is a 1992 kv27-xbr35.

    The symptom was intermittent horizontal dark and light
    banding on the picture about 1/2 inch wide.
    When I sprayed the component in question with the cooler spray,
    the picture got worse, suggesting to me, that this was a
    failing component.

    As I said, when I soldered in the new part and put it back
    together, the TV won't turn on now. I haven't touched it since,
    I thought I would wait for some feedback first.

    Either the part is bad, it's back to front (although I'm not even sure
    if it makes a difference with this part), or I screwed something else
    up getting the board out and in.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  4. john

    john Guest

    Ok Best remove the chassis and get out you mag glass
    and look for many bad solder joints.That part you changed
    has nothing to do with what you describe.(Banding)
    As far as the VDR goes either way it does not matter.

  5. davexnet02

    davexnet02 Guest

    Seems like I goofed somewhere.
    Even when I put the old varistor back,
    TV will still not turn on.
    When I plug it in, I hear the sound of it being
    energized followed by a relay click.
    (same as when it was working)

  6. davexnet02

    davexnet02 Guest

    I'm extremely embarrassed to say that in my haste to
    test my new part in the power supply, I neglected to
    push the chassis all the way into the cabinet,
    rendering the front and remote controls nooperative.

    Learned a lesson here! I ended up doing a lot more work than
    I had to. I could have simply removed the power supply
    circuit board by removing 4 screws by itself, instead
    I ended up with the whole chassis out of the TV trying to find out why
    it wouldn't turn on!

    PS the varistor I put in seems to have helped with the picture
    disturbance I was seeing.
  7. john

    john Guest

    The Varistor works or it does not , there is no such thing as
    a Intermitant one , if it was faulty your power supply would be cooked.

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