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HELP! With Sony CCD-FX310 Handycam

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Aug 3, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Hello Group:
    Have the above unit in for some repair. First, seating of "power
    switch" was not seated correctly and customer could not get it out of
    the "Player" position and into the "Camera" position. We took it apart
    and fixed it by re-seating switch correctly. Cleaned, etc. and the unit
    worked just great! Gave it back to customer and within an
    hour he returned it to say now it won't come on when switched to
    "Camera" position... All else works fine. In checking it out, sure
    enough, everything dead as a hammer in "Camera" position. Viewer won't
    even light up.
    Checked for leaking caps, bad ribbon cables and connections, etc.
    but can't seem to isolate failure.
    NOTE: If you switch it to "Camera" position then you HAVE to
    switch it off and "eject" tape, before you can even turn it back on to
    the "Player" position. What gives here? Any assistance would be
  2. Jesus sounds like you totally screwed up the mode switch or something.
    Reminds me of my old VCR when it got completely disassembled to be
    repaired. All of a sudden I could not insert a tape or eject - and the
    cylindrical switch gear was out of sync. Is that possible on that

  3. Guest

    NO! Mode switch is just fine... Also, all features work, can play tapes
    fine... Just can't turn on the "Camera" (CCD) mode at all. All
    voltages seem to be present, etc. Caps are okay as well. H-E-L-P!
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