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Help with simple LED sequence

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bart, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Did you download the codec package from M$?
  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Good thing your not looking for WMP 9 under XP, its been pulled
    in favor of the more restrictive WMP10. BTW, I have the file for WMP9
    under XP stored if you need it.
  3. Sounds like I should be glad I didn't accept the regular automatic
    update offers I keep getting then! Could you say a few words about
    'restrictive' please?
  4. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Hi Terry,

    WMP10 implements more of the DMC restrictions with regards to serial
    copying of media. MS made it look sharp and it is enticing but it ( and
    WMP9 ) report back what you are playing if the 'currently playing' option
    is selected. They are looking up current info on whatever you are playing
    so they can present you with something as simple as the album art...and from
    whom, I do not know but it is none of their business.

    I have selected to display the graphics equalizer rather than currently
    info and I have deselected nearly everything except the codec updates and
    the service packs that are appropriate. I have selected sndrec32.exe to
    play .WAV
    files simply because it is silly to load a 7+MB program to play a 32KB audio
    This can be done at install time but if you then look, it did not accept the
    You must do the deselecting after the install or WMP is still used to play
    WAV files.

    I hope that helps you! Yes, never allow automatic updates, MS does not know
    what is best for me.

    Quicktime Alternative is the code from WMP6.4 which was released to the
    It was modified and now does what WMP should have done all along.
  5. Thanks, very helpful.

    Reckon I'll take a look at QuickTime Alternative too. Trouble is, I
    now have so many players of one shade or another that I risk never
    becoming truly adept with any single one of them. My favourite to
    date, and the one I use for organising my music (well, in sporadic
    bursts of activity when I get around to it!) is MediaMonkey.

    Hope you and yours OK with approach of Rita?
  6. Are the 1N4148's really needed? I mean, the LEDs will block the backward
    current, won't they?
  7. If it only had been an mpg so I could see it as well.
  8. No, the diodes are needed to steer each 4017 output to the appropriate
    LED. Without them, you'd be shorting 2 or 3 4017 outputs.
  9. What player are you using? Don't you have WMP? WMVs play OK here in
    various players:
    - WMP9
    - IrfanView
    - Nero ShowTime
    - RealPlayer
    - PowerDVD

    But just for you, I had a crack at converting it to an MPG:

    However, I get some strange behaviour when I play that here (mainly in
    WMP9, but also in those others, plus QuickTime). Sometimes it plays OK
    throughout (although I reckon it's a bit 'squashed'), but maybe 75% of
    the time it has odd 'corruptions' and 'jumps', and also sometimes
    seems to lose the video-to-audio sync.

    Maybe someone who played the earlier WMV version could confirm please?

  10. I made a new conversion using a different program, and this one seems
    OK. A bit larger than the WMV, but that's apparently a characteristic
    of the two formats.
  11. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  12. You are right, of course. I wonder how I could miss that.
  13. Bart

    Bart Guest


    And WHEW what a journey I've had! Many thanks to all, including John
    Fields, petrus bitbiter, and Terry Pinnell for their schematics. After
    setting up my 555 for something close to 1 herz so I can visually verify the
    sequencing, I began on the discrete portion of the logic firing (did I say
    that right?). Thanks to petrus bitbiter's link to the AAcircuit software I
    could read the text schematics supplied by he and John Fields (later I
    learned about fixed font in Outlook Express, doh!). In acquiring AAcircuit I
    also stumbled across CircuitMaker Student Version which resembled Terry
    Pinnell's posted GIF schematic. I breadboarded Terry's configuration first,
    unsuccessfully. After researching the 4017 chip I found I also had to hookup
    Vdd and ground on the chip (pins 16 and 8) and it CAME TO LIFE! Feeling full
    of myself, I breadboarded petrus bitbiter's schematic, unsuccessfully.
    Taking what I learned in my first attempt and researching other unrelated
    schematics using the 4013 chip I found it is popular to tie pins 4,6,8,12
    (set/reset) to ground and it COMES TO LIFE! Now I'm a genius, a player, my
    crotch is huge. I breadboard John's schematic unsuccessfully but I'm not
    worried, I'm bulletproof, I'm the digital James Bond. After trying different
    combos of Hi/Lo on S and S-not/R and R-not and pulling the led's from
    different branches/pins, I was able to have eight leds, four running the
    sequence forward and the other four running the sequence in reverse. Ah, my
    first digital orgasm!
    I'm going to hardsolder John's circuit and use it to drive opto isolators.
    It will be a handheld encoder simulator to troubleshoot digital readouts and
    CNC controls on machinetools (John recognized petrus' circuit, labelling it
    a quadrature encoder which assured me I had come to the right place for
    Can any of you guys relate to my excitement at completing my very first
    logic/gate/digital/flip-flop/nipple hardening/led experience? I have many
    analog stories to tell but think this experience will lead me to many more
    adventures in gating/counters/timers/binary/hex/etc.


  14. Well done! And, yes, I imagine most here will relate closely to your
    triumph <g>.
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