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Help with NE5532!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Himlam8484, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Himlam8484

    Himlam8484 Guest

    Hi people,

    I make a DAC board using a DSD1796 and some 3 ICs NE5532 which be
    connected following the reference schematic in the datasheet. when it
    worked, ICs NE5532 became hot. Input voltage + -12V come from PC power
    supply. If the input voltage is + - 5V, It is not hot. But the output
    results become cut top. Can any one show me the reason why?

    I am hearing from you soon.

    Him Lam
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** High altitude Groper Alert !

    ** So, the temp rise of the case is how many degrees C ?????

    ** My hope too.

    ........ Phil
  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    What do you mean by 'hot' ? What temperature ?

    The 5532s do indeed use a lot of current by modern standards. About 8mA. That's
    nearly 200mW @12V. They do get warm.

  4. Ban

    Ban Guest

    No wonder, it can be calculated from the datasheet.
    Supply current for the 5532 is around 8mA. Output current is at 0 : 2mA
    across the 820R feedback resistor + 8.4mA into the 200R load resistor, Makes
    24*8 + 12*10.4*2 =442mW. In a DIP8 you have 182K/W ja thermal resistance,
    which increases the junction temperature by 80K. Additionally the O/P
    current gets limited to lower values at higher temp, min is 10mA only,
    whereas we need 20.8mA.
    If you would have taken the 5534 as specified in the app. schematic, you
    would have only 35K temperature rise and more current available.
    Additionally your noise gets almost halved. You will also need at least +/-
    9V supply, to allow a worst case of 5V headroom for that much current.
    You can try to attach some heat sink to the opamps, but that needs space and
  5. Himlam8484

    Himlam8484 Guest

    Hi people,

    Thank you for supporting. I will try to change something with this
    circuit, and hope that it will be better.

    Thank every one, If people get any new idea about it, Please show me.

    Him Lam
  6. Himlam8484

    Himlam8484 Guest

    Hi you,

    My ICs increase about 70-80 degrees C, do you have any idea, can you
    show mw ir.

    Him Lam
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