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Help With My Zenith Console TV SZ2549P

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hello I appriciate anyones help they can give. I have a Zenith TV
    model number SZ2549P It was made in 1984 and its a console TV.
    Before you ask "Why is he trying to repair this" let me explain. This
    TV was my granfathers. It hasnt worked since I was 5 years old. This
    was state of the art in its day it has something called "Space Phone"
    basically its a speaker phone inside the TV. Anyway he lost his fight
    to cancer back in 2002. It was always somthing we were going to do
    together was to fix this but he past prior to us doing it. He left me
    this TV thinking it would have been fixed by the both of us, and his
    old Console Zenith Stereo (Works Great). I want to fix this TV in his
    memory and use it in my living room, I know he would be proud.

    This is what is happening. When I plug the unit in and press the
    power button eaither on the remote or the front panel I hear a click
    but there is no action its dead other than that click. Through my
    granpops teachings I am a do it yourselfer. So I did alot of research
    and I found The Main Module board part number 9-214 and replaced it,
    and I also found part number 9-186-06 Which is the HI Module and
    replaced it however I still get the same symptom. The only two boards
    left are the tuner Module and the Space phone module. I dont think
    its these. When I did replace the Hi Voltage module I noticed that
    there is a small board with a power supply (SMall) mounted to it this
    I couldnt really find a part number on but could this be it? Any help
    woudl be so greatly appriciated! Thsi is more than a TV to me.


  2. R!

    R! Guest

    wrote in
    There is a SMPS startup circuit on the small printed board, there is a
    small orange wire from the HV power pannel (9-186-06) be shure you have
    reconnected it easy to miss and the set won't turn on.

    There is also a 2k (blue) resistor on that small board that sometimes
    fails if the origonal 9-214 pannel is bad.

    Be aware this is a special resistor (flameproof fuseable).

    Do you have aproximately 150v DC on the collector (case) of the (HOT)
    chopper ? Note use an isolation transformer this is connected through
    the diode bridge on the 9-214 module (shock hazard).


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