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Help with MOSFET sub..

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Radius, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. Radius

    Radius Guest

    Hi there..

    Sometime lurker first time poster.

    I'm working on an older mid 90's vintage cnc motor controller board.

    The magic smoke has been let out of several of the 2SK1277 MOSFETs on
    this board along with the IR2110 high/low controllers.

    The problem I'm having is finding a suitable substitute for the
    2SK1277. I've found some IR2110 ICs, but cannot find any of the

    In all honesty I'm not that great at this stuff, although I do manage
    to get most of the stuff working I attempt to repair. What I'm looking
    for is some help in determining a good sub for the MOSFET I need. One
    caveat, it does need to be in a TO-3P package due to how the board/
    heatsink combo is built.

    Data sheet for the 2SK1277 is here:

    A possible replacement that may or may not work (help!) is here:

    Thank you for any help! :)
  2. Wicaksono

    Wicaksono Guest

    I also have the same problem when I need to replace switching PS
    My solution is rather simple :
    - the substitute must have Vgs treshold = original Vgs treshold
    - the substitute must have Vds max >= original Vds max
    - the substitute must have Id max >= original Id max
    and the last, the same as you said :
    - the substitute must have package = original package

  3. Radius

    Radius Guest

  4. Wicaksono

    Wicaksono Guest

    Well, after I compared parameter in the datasheet :
    - Vgs treshold of FQ = Vgs treshold of 2SK
    - Vds max of FQ = Vds max of 2SK
    - Id max of FQ > Id max of 2SK
    - package of FQ = package of 2SK
    it can be concluded that FQ can replace 2SK. So, go ahead and replace
    it !

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