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Help with Mercedes Part identification

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BoborAnn, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. BoborAnn

    BoborAnn Guest

    I have a Mercedes E320 that has a blower that only gets to about 30% of max
    I've determined its the blower regulator that takes the control voltage that
    varies from approximately 0-8 VDC in 8 steps and controls the ground
    connection of the blower ( which has its Hot tied to +12)
    The problem is that Mercedes realized that this part ( that cost $190 )was a
    bad design and redesigned it for better cooling BUT you need change the
    Blower ( another $400+ ) and add a bracket ( another $50) to use the new one
    .. I've checked all the MB forums and the answer is simply buy it for $700+
    S I opened it up and this regulator is a single 4 terminal device that has
    boot over it with the markings 9 140 010 179 Made in France 90.943.02.385
    Removing the Boot reveals a device that looks like a high current rectifier
    approximately by 1"X1" X1/2: with a metal surface for attachment to a
    heatsink ( they use the blower frame for a heatsink.
    This device has the markings bk133.1 2fb-5 and I believe its made by Behr
    I'd appreciate any help people can offer on what this device might be
    I'd like to get a reasonably priced replacement or design a replacement for
    it I can send photos ( sorry I have no place to post them)
    Also Please no comments on buying this Car my wife always wanted one and has
    regretted it since we picked it up
    Thanks in Advance
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    a simple PWM supply using a Mos Power fet as the driver will do fine.
    just a simple variable voltage source via a Pulse width modulator
    turning off/on a Power Fet at the correct duty cycle to get the desired
    speed you want.
    the PWM simply fully saturates the Fet as a switch action at low R
    when on. this places the Fet into very low R state and thus will not
    heat up. line an analog type variable regulator.
    the pulse can be generated via a simple 555 timer etc..
  3. Can you get a good old part from a junk yard and fit it with a better
    Joe Leikhim K4SAT
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  4. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    The first # looks like a Bosch #. I THINK the second one is in the
    format that M-B uses, but it's been a few years since I dealt with
    I don't recognize those numbers. Have you tried Googling on them?

    It would be helpful to know how this module works and what they did
    differently in the revised module.

    I agree that a PWM approach would probably be the most promising, but
    you have to be careful because automotive applications are pretty
    tough on electronics.

  5. BoborAnn

    BoborAnn Guest

    Thanks That's the route I'll probably go . I'm looking at a INtersil
    RFP70N03 70 Amp .01ohm Rds on device and a pair of 555's one for the astable
    and one for the PWM
    Any recommendations on a better FET?
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