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Help with Breaker box please.

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by All In One Pest Control, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. I am having problems with the breaker box in my house. One side of it when
    the main is kicked off still has 120 volts running thru it. When this
    started both sides had voltage running thru them only the left side only has
    about 52 volts. The right side has always had 120 volts. Is there anything
    any of you can suggest? Even the electrician I have here right now is

    In need of help as soon as you can reply.

    If you could please answer to my email address listed.

    Thanks so much
    Tim W
  2. sQuick

    sQuick Guest

    1] Get a new Electrician. If he had a meter and a brain he
    could figure it out.

    2] Replying to an email and not the group defeats the object of
    having a group.

  3. deanmk

    deanmk Guest

    Ok 50 questions,
    Any chance this panel is in a basement or damp location. Any mold or rust
    inside the box?
  4. Louis Bybee

    Louis Bybee Guest

    At the risk of being flippant you might need another electrician. :-]

    With the information provided I would guess that either the main breaker of
    the panel in question is defective (not all that uncommon), or a single pole
    branch circuit is double fed. Once from the panel in question, and again
    from a different panel.

    Have the electrician shut off the main breaker, and all the branch circuit
    breakers. Then check the panel buses for voltage. If it's there - bad main
    breaker. If it's gone turn the branch circuit breakers on one at a time
    checking for bus voltage each time until you find the double fed circuit.

    I suspect the lower voltage on the other phase bus is a result of voltage
    drop through the main breaker when it's off, or voltage drop between the one
    phase with 120 volts, through a two pole branch circuit device, and the
    other panel phase bus.

  5. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    I agree with most replys. I never use less than an VOM meter to test
    electricity. Anything with electonics can be fooled. A simple wiggy, which I
    do not have any more would work.
    to be sure that your doing this right I offer
    Force the main off and on 3 times, then check voltages line and load. Line
    should be ~220-240vac line to line and ~115-125vac line to ground/neutral.
    load voltage should be ZERO on both phases and to ground
    If these conditions do not exist then your main breaker is bad
    Turn on the main breaker repeat test if you do not get the same readings
    doing the same thing on the line and load sides of the breaker then it is
    bad. Replace it.
    They do go bad some times I have replaced 3 in 35 years. You will need to
    pull the meter and that could result in an inspection or permit requirement.
    I hope this is clear
  6. I think that you should replace the main breaker, too.That wouldn't be too
    expensive.You have to pull the meter, though.
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