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Help with a sentence

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Eiffel, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Eiffel

    Eiffel Guest


    Sentence is

    " Transformer adjusts the system AC voltage to the charging circuitry
    composed of resistor R and diode D at other than the system AC voltage"

    and it is the "at other than the system AC voltage" part which puzzles me.
    Could someone be so kind as to explain what is meant?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Eiffel

    Eiffel Guest

    Le Lundi 15 Mai 2006 03:42, Tony a écrit
    Same bet here. Full text can be found at
    (supposed to be one line, no space)

    and please search for "autotransformer 2202".
    Well, at least she/he is an enthusiast and knows her/his trade, so I don't
    feel uncomfortable.

    Thank you for your effort.
  3. Or whatever it is that they speak in Odessa, Texas (see the URL posted
    elsewhere in this thread).

    I've often wondered about some of the obfuscations used in patents. Are
    they used:
    1) because of some obscure legal requirements
    2) because the applicant doesn't know any better, or assumes that the
    patent clerks don't
    3) to reduce the probability of a text search returning similar terms in
    previous work and as a result, make the application look like its prior
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