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Help with a binary stream...

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by chicksDigUNIX, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. I'm a newbie at this, so I was hoping someone could help...

    I'm working on a device that, when pressed against my locker at school
    (and when I tell the device to do so), will send a stream of digits
    (binary) through my conductive locker metal, to be interpreted on the
    other side by a device which will check the numbers to be correct (so
    as to prevent unwanted intruders), and then pop the locker open using
    a hydraulic and paperclip...

    My only question is, how does one create a logic circuit to handle a
    stream of data?

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Dana Raymond

    Dana Raymond Guest

  3. Brain E. Ack

    Brain E. Ack Guest

    i have another idea for trasnmitting the information. instead of using a
    readio signal, you could have device with a simple elcrtromagnet coil. on
    the other side of the locker door, in a special spot, would be a mafgnetic
    reed switch. you could send the binary code by turning the electromagnet
    on and off which would activate the reed switch and send the code to the
    controler circuit. this would probably be easier to implement than using
    an rf transmitter.

  4. This is much like my initial idea...

    But will the electromagnet make it through my pseudo-conductive
    painted locker metal, as Dana suggested?

    And how do I interpret the stream of data coming in? All that I need
    to interpret is a stream of 21 states of on or off...

    Maybe some sort of timer?

    If you need any more details as to my plan, I can post all of my ideas
    here... But not now, cause I'm tired...


  5. no_one

    no_one Guest

    It would seem that the conductive locker would act like a faraday cage and
    shield the "signal" from reaching the interior of the locker. I would see
    if a garage door opener would get through the usual slits that are cut in
    most locker doors and use a garage door opener receiver to actuate whatever
    device will be inside the locker (not a lot of room for books, mind you!)
  6. Brain E. Ack

    Brain E. Ack Guest

    yes. the lectricle conducitvy would have practically no effect on weather
    the magnetic field will pass through it. what would effect it is if the
    locker was made out of a matgnetic metal like steel, which most are.
    Still, the megnetic field should be detected by the reed switch on the
    other side. Instead of using a reed switch, you could use a hall sensor which would be more
    sensitive the weak magnetic field.
  7. Brain E. Ack

    Brain E. Ack Guest

    you could also transmit the code with sound. you could have a speaker in
    the transmitte that you pres up against the locker whrer there is a
    microphone on the other side. you could send 0 as one tone and 1 as
    another tone. that way, you avoid having to use a timer or clock to
    sycronise the pulses since there would actual be thres states" no sound,
    tone1 and tone 2, then, all you need would be to detect whic tone is

  8. I'm unfamiliar with the terminology... what is a reed switch? A hall

    It sounds like the electromagnet would be an economical and efficient
    way to do it, assuming that I can figure out how to decrypt the
    binary... any ideas anyone?
  9. Brain E. Ack

    Brain E. Ack Guest

    a reed switch is a switch usually enclosed in glass that has a flexible
    peice of metal, when a magnet is placed near it, it bends the metal which
    then makes contact with anoother pice of metal. a hall sensor is a specil
    device that can detect magnetic fields.
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