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help w/transformer id/markings ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by robb, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. robb

    robb Guest

    i have a transformer that i am trying to understand what it
    suppose to produce from the different wwires

    the transformer only has these markings
    92-326-416-91 115v 60hz
    30/8/2 x 2.3v
    VDE0551 UL

    i have googled these numbers to no end

    do these numbers give some clue as to nature of transformer ?
    or enough info to find a suitable replacement ?

    or enough to test it andhow would one test a transformer kjust
    check volts at various pins

    any help or links describing the meaning of numbers would be
    greatly appreciated

  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    lets see.
    115volts input at 60 hz.

    30 volt out tape, 8 volt out tap, and 2 2.3 volt taps.
    hows that for guessing ?
  3. robb

    robb Guest

    Thanks Jamie.
    but that I can find those values on various combinations of
    taps/pins (along with other values) but they are not what i would
    expect ?

    that is the transformer has the 2 - 115v input pins and then 8
    output connectors,
    the 8 outputs *by continuity tests are grouped 3/3/2 and the
    voltages are not a predictable pattern

    i get something like this where (#) is an output connection and
    ___ covers continuity group

    _________________ __________________ __________
    (1) 2.73v (2) 2.73v (3) (4) 8.22v (5) 16.42v (6) (7)
    28.8v (8)
    \ / \
    ` 5.45v ' ` 8.22v

    does this make sense >

    thanks for help
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I think what you have is a CT (center tapped) 1,2,3. 2 being the tap for
    common to drive a full wave 2 diode rectifier or, used 1 and 3 to drive
    a full wave bridge for 5 volts. The next set is also a CT with 8 volts
    from CT to CT or, 16 volts if you don't use the CT. and the last one
    is just a 28 volt out or 30 as indicated on the xformer with no CT>

    Not sure what type of logic this is driving how ever, I would guess
    that it maybe supplying a 3.3 V regulator from the 1,2,3 points and
    a maybe a five volt regulator from 3,4 and 5 points.

    You can also config it so that when using a bridge rectifier, you can
    get a + and - supply with respect to common via the CT>
  5. robb

    robb Guest

    thanks Jamie,
    this transformer connects to two bridge rectifiers. 28 v goes to
    rectifier to power a VFD
    and the 8 or 16 v to a rectifier to power a dual full bridge
    driver *L298* and then the 5v for ICs ?

    i guess i was expecting more predictable voltages like 5/12 etc.
    but was getting 5.27, 8.32 etc...
    so iwas not sure if maybe there was a problem with the

    thanks for the help,
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