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Help to name this type of washer

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Joe Smith, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith Guest

    I need some help with the name of a particular type of washer.

    Imagine a piece of metal (say the front flap of a wall-mounted
    floodlight) where two bolts are used to retain the flap. Each bolt
    might fall but there is a washer (rubber in this case) which holds it in

    What is the term used to described that washer?

    I thought it might be called a "retaining washer" but it seems from web
    illustrations that retaining washers are something else.
  2. Grommets?
  3. If it's made of rubber you may be looking at a grommet.
  4. Guest

    Are you describing a narrow shanked bolt, that remains captive but
    slide-abouty after threaded through the "washer"?
  5. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Sounds like small 0-rings to me.

  6. Guy King

    Guy King Guest

    The message <[email protected]>
    It's just an O-ring usually, turns a screw into a captive screw.
  7. thoss

    thoss Guest

    I'd call it a captive washer. But there's probably nothing special
    about the washer except that it has to have the right internal diameter:
    it's the bolt that's special, in that it has a narrow section without
  8. Bob Eager

    Bob Eager Guest

    Or a circlip, in some cases.
  9. Spiny Norman

    Spiny Norman Guest

    We used fibre washers with hole size that would lock onto the screw.
    Just used ordinary full screws.
  10. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    paper washers?, normally paper washers with a small
    hole where the screw and be set into it to prevent the
    screw from falling out is used.
  11. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith Guest

    Essentially, yes.

    Does that help?
  12. I propose we call it Wally, wally the washer, sounds cute.
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