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help to compare nand flash

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 14, 2006.

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    hi all, i'm alex.

    I want upgrade my nano ipod from 4g to 8g ( or more) with another nad
    I have taken the idea from

    In my ipod nano, there are two memory nand of 2gb joint in parellel
    with code K9MBG08U5M PCB0 for 4g in total. (i have made a photo in this

    I have found this nand flash with this code: K9NBG08U5M-PCB0
    (data sheet and tecnical

    Ihave also find this PDF"datasheet K9NBG08U5M"

    But in the site is recommended this mand flash

    Now, i am not able to compare the datasheet (sorry, but i am newbie)
    and i haven't fount the datasheet for memory of my ipod ( with code
    K9MBG08U5M PCB0)

    Thing you say of it? Is possibile this for you?
    Are equal the various nand flash ( skipping the capacity )?

    Tnx very much, and sorry for my bad english!!!!
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