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Help, the pool sucker is destroying our marriage

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by John Rigler, May 15, 2005.

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  1. John Rigler

    John Rigler Guest

    Every year, my wife in I get into fierce arguments about why and how the
    crappy plastic pool sucks works or doesn't work. My latest theory is that
    it is working worse than before because the 1 HP electric motor attached to
    it is slowly degrading and isn't truly 1 HP anymore. Does this happen?
    Would it make sense for me to get the motor tested somewhere?

  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Motor is probably ok, it is the pump that is wearing down ( probably)

    I have had 4 pools and 4 different kinds of cleaners. The best one (and the
    worst to keep running) was a in-floor system. It was a battle 2 or 3 times a
    season working on it. Replacing parts on the distributor etc.
    I had a Hayward powered by the pool pump, (no separate motor needed) on the
    last pool. It required maintenance 1-2 times a season. Nothing made from
    plastic holds up to the plaster and dirt in the water for very long.

    I used nothing but brass pumps. Tired the others and they just did not cut
    the mustard. I had to get new impellers about every 5-6 years to keep the
    volume where it needed to be.

    I was lucky and had a mom-pop pool shop near by. They never steered me
    wrong. I tried to jump the tracks and save a buck or two and they always
    said that I would regret the decision. Damn they were always right.
    If your motor and pump have some seasons on it. Pull it and take it to a
    shop and have it inspected for a rebuild. I did that and they sold me a new
    set up for about $100 bucks more than the rebuild and I did not have to
    wait. The new motor was less hp, less amps, and more gallons than the old
    I truly believe you get what you pay for in pool equipment.
  3. John Rigler

    John Rigler Guest

    You guys rock, all I had to do was clean the impeller, but this does go to
    show that my motor was the smallest possible to do the job, I estimate that
    in order to get up enough pressure to push the cleaner around the pool, I
    have to cut off 2/3 of the pressure going to the DE tank.
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